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Use Stereo Tool as a microphone (for Skype, as an example)
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Author:  jrandallpierce [ Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:41 am ]
Post subject:  Use Stereo Tool as a microphone (for Skype, as an example)


I downloaded the stand alone version of Stereo Tool in hopes of using it to process the original feed from my physical microphone and and then pass the processed signal as though it were another microphone to some other application (such as Skype, in particular). Skype allows me to select the microphone I wish to use (built-in mic on laptop, mic in the external webcam, or USB condenser mic). But Stereo Tool does not appear to register itself as a source of sound. At least, I have not yet been able to get Skype to 'see it' as a microphone.

I can, of course, directly route my processed microphone signal to some 'speaker' via Stereo Tool. But of course Skype is not thought of as a sound destination (speaker). As it is, Skype wants to get sound from a source and Stereo Tool does not appear to be a source. Meanwhile Stereo Tool wants to direct its signal to a destination and Skype is not a legal destination. Making it hard to wire these two together.

What obvious thing as I missing? If Stereo Tool could 'act like a mic', then there would be 100's (1,000's) of applications that could benefit by consuming the processed sound signal.

I have a feeling this is in big bold red letters in the documentation somewhere, isn't it? Well, I couldn't find it. Please help...


Author:  hvz [ Thu Jul 23, 2009 4:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Use Stereo Tool as a microphone (for Skype, as an example)

You need an extra application for this - Virtual Audio Cable.

Virtual Audio Cable creates a virtual sound card. You can then create the following path:
Mic -> Stereo Tool -> Virtual Audio Cable 1 -> Skype

Note that there are some issues with Virtual Audio Cable if you're using Vista...

The Virtual Audio Cable site:

Last time I checked the "free" version yells "trial" every few seconds in the audio it outputs, so you'll probably have to register it (around 21 euro).

Some (not many) sound cards offer similar functionality in their drivers, so that might be worth checking out first.

Author:  jrandallpierce [ Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Use Stereo Tool as a microphone (for Skype, as an example)

Thanks, hvz.

I was looking all night for a third party connector and actually did stumble across VAC. As you say, the trial version does have the annoying 'trial' message every few seconds. I was looking for a free equivalent but couldn't find one. Apparently there is something similar for the Mac named 'Jack'.

I guess I'll have to cough up the $20 or so if I really want to use StereoTool to improve my microphone sound prior to sending it through skype.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Author:  hvz [ Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Use Stereo Tool as a microphone (for Skype, as an example)

There is something called "Jack for Windows", but it only works if both applications support ASIO.

Because of some limitations, if an application uses ASIO both the input and the output must use the same sound card. Stereo Tool does support ASIO, but this limitation would mean that the input would also have to be Jack, so you still wouldn't be able to use a microphone. Unless you can find a third application that sends microphone input into ASIO. I could add that functionality to Stereo Tool at some point, but it would mean a rewrite of parts of the code and the interface, and I'm not planning anything like this in the near future (among others because it would almost certainly cause short gaps in the audio or jumps where a short piece of audio is lost because different sound cards have slightly different sample rates).

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