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PostPosted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:22 am 

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Hello All -

I finished a 60 minute Deep House music podcast this weekend and then "polished" it with the StereoTool VST plugin 7.83. The finished product is remarkable. Using a Steinberg DAW, StereoTool is advantageous for that last step.

For a podcast, already-finished music files get mixed down; so a final render usually means it is completed. All that work is done using an uncompressed, 32-bit, floating decimal format, so the music sounds perfect.

But the DAW is not a music player, per se. Outside of that platform, all the tracks I listen too are in a FLAC format and I use WinAmp with the StereoTool DSP.

This past weekend I installed the StereoTool 7.83 VST filter as a WaveLab plugin and polished-up the final output. I lost a whole day tweaking the StereoTool settings because rendering a 60min music file through StereoTool takes ~25 minutes, each time. By comparison, it takes ~1min to render a 60min music podcast.

Within the DAW platform, a miniscule StereoTool adjustment will cause a noticeable difference. BUT WORTH THE EFFORT! The final output definitely is enhanced.

I listened to the polished version of the music file through WinAmp - no StereoTool DSP; AND, the standard version music file through WinAmp with StereoTool DSP... Bottomline: NO DIFFERENCE.

StereoTool Is Awesome.

Thanks for listening!

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 9:42 pm 

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You could try using more cores in offline rendering to shorten rendertimes. The latency is not important offline.

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