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PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 6:05 pm 

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I'm not looking to run a broadcast station, just tinker with some receivers on the test-bench, so all I need is a few milliwatts. I could get something multi-watt and just attenuate, but that seems silly. What's the cheapest/cleanest/most versatile way to get my soundcard output modulated up into 88-108MHz? (And yes, I know those 3 goals are gonna conflict, give as many different answers as you feel like! :)

I'm not afraid of solder. Actually tend to relish circuit-building. But I'm not much of a radio engineer, so I don't want to build a modulator totally from scratch. All the cheap-and-cheerful FM-TX-on-a-single-chip solutions seem to have Left and Right inputs, and they generate the stereo magic internally. Is there one that'll accept MPX and hand me RF, that I've somehow missed in my searching?

Alternately, there are some cute little transmitters in the 5-watt range on eBay, some of which seem to have a stereo/mono switch. If I put one of those in mono, and feed it Stereo Tool's output, is it likely to do something useful?

Thanks in advance! New here and already blown away by the amount of knowledge in this community.

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Check out:


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PCS Electronics seems to have a wide variety of affordable TXs (preassembled kits), check them out!
Please comment on this, I haven't yet ordered anything from them, but I'm about to as soon as my financial situation is suitable. ... -1_17.html

PostPosted: Mon Dec 21, 2015 5:54 am 

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Yep, I am happy to comment on the PCS Electronics transmitter kits.

Recently I bought one of these (Max2015+ v3) which we are testing in a live environment as an LPFM relay / translator in a regional location that's not really easily accessible.

It ran on the bench for 2 weeks before field deployment and I had zero issues.

You can configure them using USB+PC Software or solely via DIP switches on the board - we use DIP switches so everything is hard set before the units go out into the field. It also means no fiddling once they are installed in a case and locked.

They do come as a kit, so you can buy whatever configuration you need - ie: main board + power supply + case, etc.

I bought just the main board, then added a 2.5a 12v PSU and a nice case with a fan. Took 1 week to get here which was pretty good.

Very economical and the guy Marko from PCS has been excellent for support.

Happy to recommend PCS gear and their support.


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There must be an echo in here.

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Spammer. I've just killed him.

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Any experience with this?

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