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PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2022 5:03 pm 

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So I tried with a third pc running latest windows version with a Julia xte.

I tried getting the input from Streaming via vlc (internal setting in ST) and the output was analog. Everything worked fine. I said ok let’s turn the output, to digital now. When I turned digital on it worked for 3 hours straight and it happened again. Squeaky sounds like setting wrong sample rate and it only worked again when I turned ST off and on again. As I got so frustrated I currently only use pc’s internal sound card with mehh sound but, i want to find out what’s causing the problem..

Something’s wrong with digital + latest drivers because I have tried reverting to older windows and it didn’t work. Today I am gonna try reverting back to windows 7. I am trying it all 😂

It seems like Julia changes sample rate randomly and I have to reopen ST to make it come back to life. I have tried setting sample rate from windows it but didn’t work.
Very strange. Did you try to set both sides to INTernal? Sounds strange but try. I have one point where i have Hardware unit Digital output that was making strange problems with Juli@. I set bot sides to INT and fixed samplerates and since then that connection just works.

Haven’t tried that, but I have tried giving input from VLC streaming engine and the output digital from juli@ so then I had fixed out 192 INT but then it did the clicking sounds like before. It didn’t completely freaked out like when I use INT but it did some clicks here and there. I am thinking of buying a MARIAN Clara D what are ur thoughts on this? Maybe juli@ drivers are broken and need some fixing from ESI. Do you use you juli@ with digital out or just analog?

FYI I am playing with the internal Realtek audio card now while getting the sound from my streaming and it works flawlessly for the past 15 hours. It’s definitely something wrong with juli@.

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