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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 1:35 am 

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I'm having issues with that realtek chip with BreakawayOne and Stereo Tool, the transmitter can't go 75khz because the soundcard is alrealdy reaching 0db at 50% of modulation (Tilt compensation). How i can boost the output of the soundcard? I'm feeding the transmitter mixing the stereo channels into a mono one so it can be loud enough, using MPX Clipping makes the station lose stereo separation/stereo signal goes on and off, Other stations running shitty cheap analog stereo generators have better signal. We can't afford an good soudcard (Behringer UMC202HD) so we are stuck with that soundcard, The older transmitter that we used had a MPX input gain but it had 50hz highpass filter in the MPX Input so it was impossible to have good modulation even calibrating the tilt of the soundcard. How i can boost the soundcard output? because i want to disable one of the outputs. I'm thinking about the cable being the problem, The channels being inverted can cause problems? because the tilit at L is inverted at R (-80tilt at L and +80 at R)

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You can't boost the output, this is just a limitation of the (very very cheap) sound card. Until now I've never seen any decent FM transmitter that doesn't allow you to boost the level there though, so that should help. And a Behringer sound card is only 60 euro or so... (about $70).

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Is it the stand-alone version? How you are sending the audio into stereo tool? Separate PC? Virtual audio cable?

Check the volume control in Windows as well as the whatever software you are using to play the music on the station, make sure they are all turned up.

You may be able to increase the pre-amplifier and post-amplifier settings in the Stereo Tool Processing settings section.

Additionally there is the input gain adjustment in the I/O settings, as well as MPX volume adjustment in the FM Transmitter settings.

Also check the exciter itself to see if there is an internal adjustment for the audio level.

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Hi...go into your sound options by right clicking the speaker icon in your system tray and selecting "sounds". Click on the "Recording" tab and disable any microphones that are enabled. Save settings, exit sounds and try your sound to see if that was the problem.
If not, make sure you have the most recent motherboard bios version installed. Then try again if there was a newer version available, after updating to that version.
Are you using the integrated sound, or an add in PCI soundcard?

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