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Mic Processing on a laptop
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Author:  MikeCouchman [ Mon Jan 07, 2019 5:42 am ]
Post subject:  Mic Processing on a laptop

Hi Stereo Tool community!

I have an RE-27 mic into a mixer that connects to a Dell laptop via USB. (Running Windows 10)
I am using this machine for voice-tracking. Some clients have me VT directly into their system via VPN
and their software. Others just want me to lay down audio in Adobe Audition and send the wav or MP3.

Challenges I have run into:

1. I cannot get the output level loud enough when I am tracking into a station's automation software. (They
make it unadjustable, aside from the settings that are part of Windows 10). That's with everything I can find
to turn up turned all the way up. When I open the wav file on Adobe Audition, they play back at roughly -7 db.
For them to sound right when playing back on-air, I need to get them up to around -1 db. What else can I try
to turn up that I've possibly missed? I have ST output to 100%. Same with the Virtual Audio Cable setting.
I must have overlooked something...

2. I'm getting a half second or more of silence on the front of each file when Stereo Tool is on. When I take it
out of the mix, no delay.

3. How do I gate mouse clicks out of my audio? I'm not banging on my mouse or anything, but it comes through enough
to annoy my picky ears.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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