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PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:21 am 

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I'm setting up my new studio and off course installing Stereotool again on my stream/FM pc.

There's still one problem though.
With all the new bass enhancers, filters, clippers and so on, i still can not get the nice punchy but soft bass sound out of Stereotool.

I have read it on several places that "there's always something missing in the sound". I have that too. But yesterday i disabled the Advanced bass distortion protection and voila!! There's the bass!! :mrgreen: I have the default settings so nothing strange there, and it just takes all the deep bass out leaving a flat knocking bass. :shock:

So now i have the "Sloppy" setting at max and all bass clipping strictness at 0 or 1 and it sounds much better.
Even U2's With or without you sounds great, punchy, soft deep bass and very clean but airy highs. I love it!

Anyone having experience with this too or is it just me? which is probably the case... :oops:


PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:21 am 
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Yes ABDP sucks ;) it kils alote, even whith all the bass Enchancer,and 243535 filters.

Garbage in is Garbage out !

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:17 pm 

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if you drive the clipper between 0dB & -4dB (clipper meter indication), you dont need to have ABDP turned on as any harmonic distortion is barely present but if you drive the clipper at -6dB or above, then its advised to use ABDP.
in the screen shot link below, i use this setting in ABDP to "preserve" the deep bass, my clipper is driven to -6dB at the peaks.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 11:44 pm 

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Thnx, this helps a lot.

I dont know what happend but i've found a preset in this forum and suddenly my cpu load went from 55% to 16%!! And with a couple of minor tweaks i managed to get a real nice sound with almost exactly the kind of bass i wanted.

16% with normal output non asio and fm output on asio for listening in the studio, cause i dont like the lq low latency output, almost every cpu setting on the highest possible.

I searched for cpu/quality settings but they were all as high as in my own preset. So thats kind of weird, but it's good now. I stopped tweaking the sound cause i have what i wanted now.

One question remains though... some tracks, especially U2 - With or without you have that deep heavy bass at the beginning. Stereotool goes crazy for a second or 2 when the bass kicks in resulting in heavy distortion on the bass.
I dont want to change the settings, because i'm afraid of losing this nice sound.

Maybe someone have some tips for that?
Multiband is in the first 3 band on 10 ms attack and around 500 ms release. True bass in on and bass clipper too. Advanced clipper is driven to abour -5 db.

Thanks in advance for any tips.


Oh, and Blacklight Radio, thanks for sharing your preset!

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