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PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2020 4:55 pm 

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Hi to all

I have read a lot about the fact that people are using Stereo Tool as a means of audio compression, graphic equalisation, etc with StationPlaylist, and they seem very pleased with it.

Having tested it, I love the sound of it. It is bright and clean, and you can appreciate the instrumentation of songs far more than perhaps other similar utilities. It’s certainly better than anything else I have heard. I am also greatly interested in some of the other audio-related tools the company have.

The difficulty is that I found getting it to work satisfactorily with SPL a bit of a tall order. In order to use it with any degree of success, I needed to adjust the volume of the players to such a low level it did not give me too much room for flexibility in terms of aligning it with VT’s. The crossfading settings were also quite poor, and I accept that is by no means the fault of SPL and is something I could play with.

For the want of a better expression, I am somewhat handicapped by the fact I am totally blind using screen-reading software. The developer has been as helpful as he can be, but the ability to configure it is not especially accessible although the web interface does at least give me some access. I do not like to contact the developer too much as I'm sure he has other things to do.

I think what we need if at all possible please is to connect with someone who can at least help to at least give us some pointers on levels and presets we can try in order to give us a nice, loud, clean consistent sound. If I know some of the settings in Stereo Tool to give us that then it should be possible to work from there. Any useful SPL crossfade settings would also be helpful.

If anyone has any training we could take advantage of that would be a good way forward. We are willing to pay for it, and indeed we have purchased a license for Stereo Tool and are willing to purchase other utilities from the same company if that is what it takes. But at the moment we just need someone to give us some help who is familiar with StationPlaylist.

Thank you for any help anyone may be able to give.

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