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 Post subject: GPS receivers
PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2024 2:20 pm 
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Hi all,

A question from us this time!

As you may know we have been selling GPS receivers for use with MicroMPX. They are partially standard hardware, but also partially specifically made for us. Our stock is running low and we need to decide whether we want to order new ones, or switch to completely standard hardware. (This only affects decoders.)

For our decoders, we need both a USB signal for NMEA data (which tells us the time stamps), plus a 1PPS signal (1 pulse per second) that we use for precise timing. That 1PPS signal needs to be fed to a sound card.

Our current hardware:
  • Navilock NL-8003P receiver, which gives us NMEA data and 1PPS pulses
  • "Thimeo GPS Connect" box, which converts the Navilock output to USB (for NMEA) and grounded 1PPS (the standard output is only a single line, which is way too noisy to be useful).
The NMEA data is available on a computer via USB, the 1PPS via the sound card. We don't have a 10 MHz reference signal to synchronize FM transmitters. The price for which we can buy the hardware is close to what we sell it for, 200 euro.

Our ideal hardware would have:
  • External GPS antenna
  • NMEA out
  • 1PPS out
  • 10 MHz out
Ideally this should be something that we can sell with our software. I found some units that might work, but they are using external power supplies and many are made in China, and I'm not too sure that they will comply to all kinds of regulations elsewhere.

I found some units here that look like they might work (I'm assuming that the BNC 1PPS outputs will have both pins connected and can easily be connected to the sound card, without filtering/adding grounds etc): (I found these same units on other sites as well).

Overall question: Would you prefer to have a receiver that also offers 10 MHz? Some transmitters have a GPS receiver included in the hardware itself and might not need it, etc.

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