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 Post subject: Mac M1
PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:31 pm 

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Is ST compatible with Mac M1 ?
Besides, is the plug-in still compatible with Adobe Audition on Mac M1?

Thank you

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 27, 2021 9:43 am 
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Hi, not yet. We haven't looked into it yet, you're the 2nd person to ask about it this week so I think we need to start looking into it soon though.

We do have an iOS build (library only) which already targets ARM chips so it shouldn't be too hard, but the full build also uses a lot of libraries, which all need to be compiled for M1 also, that's probably going to be the hardest part.

 Post subject: Re: Mac M1
PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2021 10:49 pm 

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Any updates on this? I've about had it with the issues on Windows at this point. Might as well switch over to Mac OS for all the audio needs.

 Post subject: Re: Mac M1
PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2022 10:16 pm 

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Hi guys,

I would really love to see Stereo Tool plugin formats in Mac ARM Native format. It's a bit of a secret weapon in the music mastering and even in the production scene. The Advanced Clipper, the multiband compressor and the single band compressor are nothing short of amazing!

For some additional cash flow, it may even be worth releasing these separately as individual plugins. Granted, they are all a bit daunting when used in expert mode but these are of such high quality that it may still be worth the effort.

So, any timetable on possible Mac ARM native versions? The Rosetta 2 translated plugins have some serious issues in operation. Basically the whole computer freezes for about 10 seconds every time you tweak any parameter on any other plugins or the DAW when an instance of Stereo Tool is in the project. When stereo tool is the only plugin in a session and you keep it open, this doesn't happen.. or at least not very often. It's as if the Mac operating system is constantly re-translating the plugin and thus freezing (that dreaded spinning colour ball of death!).

Other than the constant 10 second freezing, the plugin does work and is usable.

My DAW is Reaper and my Mac OS version is 11.2.3 (BigSur). Hardware is Mac Mini M1, 8gb RAM and 256gb HD, so the most basic M1 model.

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