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PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2022 7:27 pm 

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Greetings, forum members!
My wish is not for a new feature but a return of an old one from the penultimate version.
The latest version is actually a bit of a downgrade for me for the following reason:
for my use case the single band compressor is extremely important. I used the 'Hotness' parameter (along with "Density", currently extant)
to quickly dial-in the programme sound I sought. I realize that it was sort of a master control for other
parameters but without it, the process is much more finicky and I loved how quickly that one parameter
could just -BOOM- lock in my sound with one slider.
I'm not sure if it was left out by oversight, design, or lack of apparent interest by other users but
there are plenty of legacy setting still available. Maybe if it's unwanted by the designer for some reason
it could be visible only under the "advanced" or "expert" parameter tree.
I currently own the basic version of Stereo Tool but intend to 'level-up' by the end of the Summer to the advanced dynamics
and would really appreciate this feature to be returned!
So much to love about this program but that is my request.
Thanks in advance to the powers that be for consideration.

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