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"Debug mode" for declipper
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Author:  Dro [ Sat Jul 06, 2019 8:35 pm ]
Post subject:  "Debug mode" for declipper

This would be a setting used for offline processing rather than listening. When dealing with tracks that have tilted, dirty or otherwise nontrivial clipping, setting up the declipper to have as little false negatives and positives as possible is essential for a good result. Unfortunately, there is no good way to do that. The graphs give you some information, but is it very hard to look at a specific point in the track and see what happened.

What I am thinking of is something like this: In debug mode, every sample that was detected as clipped and processed successfully gets set to 0. If a sample was determined to not be clipped, leave it alone. If a sample was detected as clipped, but the result was discarded, for example because "peaks did not increase above x", set it to +/-0.1 and so on. This would make it extremely easy to look at the output file and see how well the detection settings are working. It also sounds like something that is reasonably easy to implement.

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