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Use of tape saturation in connection with the actual sound processing.
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Author:  near05 [ Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Use of tape saturation in connection with the actual sound processing.

I watched an interesting YouTube video in which you take a (superficial) look behind the scenes of one of the biggest private radio stations in Germany. The video is only available in German, but if you want to watch it you can do it here.

Exciting were some interesting facts in the video. On the one hand the language is processed separately from the music. This means that the signal is compressed even further. But the person in charge has mentioned some very interesting details.

As you know, it can happen that the music is too dynamic and the AGC doesn't comply with the control anymore. In addition, this also leads to the AGC being perceived very clearly in the end signal under certain circumstances. The radio station has therefore hung a tape saturation device before the actual processing of the signal by the sound processor. This ensures that large differences in the signal are avoided and everything becomes more even. It also gives the signal a special touch. I found that a very interesting approach. I've known the radio station for a couple of decades, and I haven't noticed it negatively so far.

I just came up with the idea that this could also be useful for the StereoTool. You could compress the signal a bit before the
AGC and avoid big dynamic differences.

Perhaps the requirement should be made a little more general. There are different kinds of signal saturation e.g. with the help of tubes, tapes, bit crushing etc.) I think this would be really cool in StereoTool because it would be a completely different kind of dynamic to make the signal more vivid and even more analog.

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