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PostPosted: Thu Oct 15, 2020 9:36 am 

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One plugin I often put before stereotool is fabfilter multiband, only to do approx. <110hz and >13khz, -30dB expansion with fast attacks and long release.
It's for material lacking the far most lows and highs not to confuse the autoEQ or mbcomps to raise the rumble or the hiss to extremes and make the result very noisy.
I use very extreme autoEQ settings but it actually works fine if I strip the bad content off before it does it's magic.

With the fabfilter mb on, sometimes autoEQ might still raise the outer bands because of the relative balance, but at least they are almost silent until a sound hits them, and then the overshoot protection has to work a bit harder, but I haven't found a better way.

It takes a bit of tweaking to get the attack/release/ratio just right, but when it works I don't get that obnoxious rumble when there is a dance remix with no kick or bass for a few bars, and no tape hiss or unnatural bass from a lonely guitar or vocalist. It really sounds great in the right preset.

If the expander was built in to stereotool it could also control the detection of the outer most bands of autoEQ, and make them not try to raise what is allready being removed.

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