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PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, 2020 2:46 pm 

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Since tilted clipping is a pain to handle, I played around with a looped sine wave that had tilted clipping. Generated by clipping the wave, applying a high pass and then some gain to make sure there is only tilted clipping, no straight clipping.

With everything default in Input Tilt, the tilt detection did nothing useful to facilitate correct detection of clipping. There was no change to the tilt. Even changing the Default Tilt had no result. After turning off the Tilt Detection, however, changing the Default Tilt actually had an effect and allowed for successful declipping. With the tilt adjustment not working on a plain sine wave with only tilted clipping, I assume this part of the declipper might not work quite as intended. See the successful preset attached.

As a side note, if we were able to look both for straight clipping (0° angle) and another user defined angle at the same time, this might allow for much improved detection of clipping for the numerous tracks that exhibit both straight and tilted clipping at the same time. As it stands currently, you have to be very liberal with the other detection settings to catch both, which introduces lots of false positives. Many albums would benefit from being able to detect two stages of clipping without introducing an unreasonable amount of false positives.

File comment: successful preset
declip tilted sample.sts [1.76 KiB]
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