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 Post subject: Stereo Tool 10.01 BETA
PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2022 5:26 pm 
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Latest version - Beta 10.02-116 (Sep 11 2023) RELEASE CANDIDATE WITHOUT new compressor!

  • New Bojcha preset, possibly change declipper defaults
  • Clipper was still using some frequency setting that's disabled in Legacy highs gap mode with other legacy setting disabled.
  • Web interface did not show built-in FM/AM/HD presets
  • Web interface did not load favicon.
  • Linux/Mac: Thread killing could cause a fatal exception (old issue, 9.92 and earlier versions as well).
  • Verify Mac/Linux .rc files -> Mac was wrong, no "." at start of name, fixed (will break loading settings from previous betas).
  • Fix popups disappearing on disable
  • Fixed WatchCat preset selection error. (since last beta, probably)
  • Updated MicroMPX version to 4.2.0, WatchCat to 2.0.8
  • Cursor keys in web interface move both slider and whole page

  • Update SD card
  • Update LiquidSoap links
  • Formailize GPO-over-MicroMPX spec
  • (Add Declipper NEW_GUI presets)
  • STXtreme check NTP update - Matt
  • Diversity delay: Move to before clipper, make it build up slowly
  • New compressor: Check Bojcha's file weird behavior
  • New compressor: Dull sound reported after some time
  • Azimuth affects highs!!
  • Password change requires entering same password 3x first time
  • Password protection broken display after logout/change
  • Preset load page must be smaller for STXtreme
  • Cursor keys in web interface
  • Mac: VST3 GUI.
  • Ratio slider smarter steps (1.1, 1.2 etc) - MattL
  • Meters: add separate FM/HD output level displays.
  • New compressor and matrix mode?
  • Add 0.05 precision to parametric EQ and attack/release multipliers
  • RDS: Add settings for how long texts are shown or how fast to scroll for UECP inputs.
  • AES67 generic mode: Let people enter IP address directly.
  • Add PWarnMini for Diff
  • MicroMPX: Show temperature
  • MicroMPX: Show status per incoming port
  • Win10 scheduler appears to ignore ideal CPU cores since last (few) update(s)
  • Links: ID_GOTO must be a PLink that points somewhere.
  • Dynamic speeds: License detection only works after audio has been running, that's not ok.
  • When audio has run after a settings change, trigger a parsetChanged
  • Time offset on STXtreme, for RDS (also for ClockTime!)
  • IP address change: Make sure to SAVE settings immediately, otherwise after reboot Windows IP and stored IP might differ.
  • New GUI: Support smaller monitors (smaller default size, especially for VST). Contact near05.
  • Export presets from web interface needs filtering, just like from native (so the code is there! Just reuse CopyPresetOm*).
  • Mac: VST2 sizes
  • Mac: gavinmcgrath: "Intel MacOS 11.7.3 in Wavelab 11.1: Blank screen." viewtopic.php?f=14&t=33391&p=73407#p73407
  • Enable login system in MicroMPX web interface
  • Stand alone RDS decoder
  • GUI: Check RGBLUT_Combine2 performance
  • CPU usage of REFRESH_ENABLED is high, maybe use local array.
  • PDcWave delay not set
  • Flashing peq/mb eq bars in GUI
  • Software update requires Admin rights
  • WatchCat: Keep track of when files have been processed and ignore them, but don't move them. (DropBox)
  • WatchCat: Can we include ffmpeg and lame?
  • Pens
  • Add latency wizard?
  • Add Declipper presets
  • Check and add Declipper installers to download page
  • setFaultyValue for text boxes for wrong passwords for example - check with Tom how to use
  • Can we enable FM Calibration in "Ignore high frequencies" mode? Not easily
  • Add check for running ST multiple times; make switchable if we want to allow it or ask if you really want to start if it already runs or something.
  • Matt: Pre-emphasize highs slider needs to get a clearer description! Something with avoid overshoots. Basically a sidechain EQ. "Add highs to sidechain".
  • Matt: UECP must be more easily accessible, too deep now.
  • Matt: FM+AM
  • New I/O framework: Add extra latency to plugin input so the input 2 to LQLL can be instantaneous.
  • Check Bojcha's good bass HPF settings (18200 Hz, ignore high frequencies, 48 kHz, 35 Hz HPF)
  • libVLC with FDK???
  • Enable streaming in STXtreme, for testing.
10.02 BETA115 (September 10 2023)

Replace links with 1002-115

  • Go through and check all pages, add explicit headers etc
  • CPU settings reset/load behaved incorrectly
  • Minimal password protection for non-Enterprise
  • 3 new Matt presets
  • Fix BS412 levels
  • Clean repair presets, keep only 4
  • Verify audio sounds identical to 9.92
  • "X" must be bigger in native GUI
  • "Send to Winamp" missing in Winamp
  • Presets: Add Broadcast presets
  • Fixed crash when enabling Tilt in FM output
  • Fixed crash on exit when sound card was hanging
  • Preset loading does not always move it to Recent
  • Verify PiMP, STAMP, STudio (last 2 crashed!)
  • Add new presets
  • Remove new compressor
  • Disabled FM Analyzer in this build (not available in GUI anyway)
  • Change version number to 10.10
10.02 BETA114 (September 7 2023)

  • Preset loading error fixed, could cause 9.92 presets to sound wrong
  • Checked all built-in presets for wrong conversions
  • Presets: Reset clears preset name; load doesn't jump to top anymore.
  • Preset dates were shown in UTC instead of localtime.
  • Make things on STXtreme front panel at least as big as in BETA075
  • Presets: Added BIMP and Repair presets
10.02 BETA111 (September 6 2023)

Replace links with 1002-111

  • SST build is broken
  • Parameters: Extended some ranges, fixed most unused weird settings in built-in presets.
  • Put all presets in new preset mechanism
  • Bug fix in handling of showing deprecated settings
  • PiMP crashed in BETA109!
10.02 BETA109 (September 4 2023)

  • Preset saving: 1 page for save/export
  • Web interface links (multi-instance) were broken due to proxy fix
  • Multi-instance version presets were all writing to the same folder, fixed. (STXtreme multi-instance was fine)
  • Presets: Import via web interface must make filename "safe"
  • Presets: Add BIMP selector
  • Presets: Auto-select logical sublevels to load
  • Drawing: Performance improvement for scopes, MPX etc
  • Parameters: Made all default values be in range; increased MB1/2 drive and SBB slope ranges
  • Parameters: Fix loading, take "off" into account.
  • Presets: Verify normal multi-instance up/download - Was OK
10.02 BETA107 (August 31 2023)

Replace links with 1002-107

  • PiMP: Crash seen when loading presets, and why is "All settings" available for built-in presets? Apparently fixed.
  • Paste skin value in VST2 RadioBoss causes loop; value keeps increasing. - No longer reproduces
  • New compressor: Added "squared dynamics detection" (wrong name!) which affects the release curve; seems to be better controlled
  • New compressor: Added "squared speed up detection" (affects speed up behavior) which responds less to extremely sparse audio.
  • HD settings only for full processing
  • Display frequencies in Noise Gate
  • Equalizer drawing in web interface didn't work
  • VST added unlicensed warning in top bar, add to site
  • Preset loading/saving usability: select 3 checkboxes, unselect others
  • Updated built-in presets
  • Skinning support for waves/MPX spectrum etc. partially done
  • STXtreme: Added preliminary support for LiveWire on Input 2
10.02 BETA105 (August 29 2023)

  • Verify Enterprise unlicensed free preset behavior - Ok
  • Broadcast/HD: Added de-emphasis filters here, sound good on HD
  • Recent presets should also contain imported presets
  • Enterprise version does not work properly in service mode
  • Declipper plugins crashed
  • STXtreme front panel: Buttons in top bar click area too small
10.02 BETA104 (August 27 2023)

  • Firmware update via webUI was broken (STXtreme/PiMP/...)
  • Better anti-aliasing, thicker lines at 4K in native GUI
  • Fixed AZIMUTH DPI-awareness issue
  • Preset download showed full path in webUI
  • Moved Broadcast to below Processing
  • Made I/O levels persistent (split from scopes)
  • STXtreme front panel layout fixed (sizes, brightness)
  • RT text pad with 0x0D's, don't stop earlier, breaks some receivers Waiting for feedback
  • DH mode Waiting for feedback
  • RDS UECP on STXtreme is down after warm reboot. Cold reboot works fine. Tcp connects. -> Not reproducable
10.02 BETA103 (August 25 2023)

  • dB-sliders can't go to min/max/off
  • Loading many presets no longer slows down, it "leaked" memory
  • New compressor: Everything was broken if RMS size set to 0
  • New compressor: Gate "Off" wasn't really off.
  • New compressor: Added adjustment speed setting.
  • Slowdown after lots of preset loads is gone.
10.02 BETA101 (August 23 2023)

  • New compressor: Changed Sudden Drop behavior to act on release speed directly; the existing behavior could sound really bad (unexpected fast level increases after 2-3 seconds).
  • Added support to send web interface through proxy; use /stereotool/ as last part of the URL before the Stereo Tool URL.
  • UECP: Added option to block access to everything non-ODA/TMC
  • Fixed exporting of presets in Enterprise web interface.
  • Auto EQ/Bass EQ bands displays broken in web interface only; also optimized communication (sending less data)
10.02 BETA098 (August 18 2023)

  • New compressor: Added Intellilimiter, see ... ompressor/
  • New compressor: Redesigned the main limiter.
  • Hear: Old MB and simple clipper suddenly pop up
  • Add PWarnMini for Hear
  • Mac/Linux preset list missed half of he presets
  • Enable IceCast in STXtreme
  • Presets: Full file name shown sometimes
  • Web interface: Partially enabled sending through proxy (add /stereotool/ in the URL after the proxy)
10.02 BETA095 (August 13 2023)

  • New compressor available in Multiband 1 - read ... ompressor/
  • Intrasonics filtering test file
  • Presets: Show name in left top
  • Presets: Loading old presets should only show the things you can load
  • MicroMPX: Added stream reset on turning on/off
  • Interface lots of smaller improvements
10.02 BETA089 (July 30 2023)

  • Web interface password page does no longer ask to store passwords for other users
  • Password page added to MicroMPX
  • Several other web interface improvements
  • Preset loading was broken (new settings were not reset when loading old presets), has been the case for a while
  • Preset loading was broken in Declipper and MicroMPX in last few beta's
  • MicroMPX: compile speed up (should have no impact to the end product)
  • MicroMPX: Fixed startup issue where buffer filling was incorrect (broke again recently)
  • MicroMPX: Temporary speedup of synchronization after switching to a new stream, to be in sync with other decoders much faster.
  • MicroMPX: Added workaround for weird behavior in NMEA datastream of a specific Navilex GPS receiver (might be a Linux bug as well).
  • VST2 resizing on Mac seems to be fixed
  • GUI: Reset to default sometimes didn't work due to bounds check, removed.
  • GUI: Parameteric EQ can be reset again
  • GUI: Lots of small skinning fixes
10.02 BETA084 (July 18 2023)

  • GUI: Added skinning (partial), DPI changing behavior improved.
  • GUI: Preset name (processing preset) displayed in top bar again, also in web interface
  • GUI: Fixed size of gonio boxes
  • GUI: Rewritten scroll bar behavior
  • GUI: Lots and lots of smaller fixes
  • Preset load/save/export revamped; selections should work as intended now (for new presets saved from now on; as good as possible for older presets).
  • Console version: Show license errors
  • WatchCat: No longer goes to background mode on Mac when window is not on front (waiting for test results)
  • MicroMPX: Buffering behavior completely rewritten; this should work better (on startup mainly).
  • MicroMPX: When switching between streams, if we are just below ideal buffer filling we just keep writing there instead of creating a gap.
  • MicroMPX Encode library: Added callbacks for RDS so the raw RDS data (bitstream) is available to the host application just like on the decoder.
  • Recent code cleanup broke some licensing behavior.
  • Crashes on startup in PiMP (probably also some other products) fixed.
  • MicroMPX: Position in buffer and other data was overwritten in last few beta's, audio was also broken; fixed.
  • MicroMPX Encoder library: Add RDS callback
  • MicroMPX: Switch between streams causes short glitch, and error in delay display graph.
  • MicroMPX: Switch behavior improvement causes Incoming stream is too fast or too slow. Could be a coincidence, but verify that.
10.02 BETA084 (June 25 2023)

  • Split I/O settings into I/O and Broadcast (containing FM/AM/streaming specific signal settings, watermarking): BS412 on/of as is, settings to above Advanced Clipper. FM clipper settings under Clipper must just link to FM. Streaming settings there must be moved to FM/AM/Streaming, but Limit instead of clip must remain as is.
  • Fixed console version problem in LiquidSoap; stdin to stdout didn't work properly in previous 2 beta's.
  • Fixed startup crash in SAM since BETA081; also start on close that has been there longer.
  • GUI: Fixed crash reported when hovering over overview page
  • GUI: Fixed window height in secondary monitor issue.
  • GUI issues caused by skinning changes should all be solved again.
10.02 BETA082 (June 21 2023)

  • Bug fix: MicroMPX: QOS never worked properly on Windows. Now it should work when running ST or MicroMPX in Admin mode (DSCP46/Expedited Forwarding)
  • Increased "event" license duration from 3 to 4 days, got multiple requests for that.
  • Changed Stereo Tool license encoding
  • GUI: If an error message keeps popping up, we snooze it for 30 seconds.
  • STXtreme: Explicitly requests to update time via NTP
  • MicroMPX: Bug fix, very quiet glitches in 192 kHz mode since adding 176.4 support.
  • MicroMPX: Added support for low latency mode (probably below 10 ms, not yet measured - requires separate build).
  • Mac: Add VST3 support (Loads, but no GUI is shown yet.)
  • Bug fix: Empty .wav files caused infinite loop in command line version.
  • Bug fix: Kantar and Intrasonics added watermark to unused "demodulated" audio if FM disabled (since a few beta's ago).
  • Partially implemented skinning; may lead to some GUI issues in this beta.
  • Split I/O settings into I/O (sound cards, streams) and Broadcasting (the signal itself) settings.
10.02 BETA078 (May 26 2023)

  • Store in .sts which saveable sublevels are saved
  • GUI: Window pops up behind other software if restored from tray
  • Add MicroMPX to all Generic plugin versions for LiquidSoap (Pi 32 bit build failed)
10.02 BETA077 (May 23 2023)

  • Web interface: Increased maximum whitelist size (from 1024 to 8192 characters)
  • Improved license message (Scheduler unlicensed instead of "Invalid license")
  • Spent 2 days on finding a MicroMPX library bug (turned out to be not in our code).
  • MicroMPX: Added 44.1 (176.4) kHz version to enable HD synchronization; not compatible with normal version. Encoder in ST and decoder only so far, not yet released.
  • MicroMPX: Lower latencies are now possible. Not yet released; can potentially cause issues with existing hardware decoders.
  • RDS: GetClockTimeEnabled and RT had wrong defaults in one layer of the software, causing at least CT to be sent after startup (since a few betas ago) even if it was disabled in the settings.
  • MicroMPX: Support 176.4 kHz in stand alone encoder. Put 176400 in the file name to force the encoder/decoder to run at this sample rate. The library version has an initialization option. In Stereo Tool it's currently not available (should be easy to add if needed).
  • GUI: Disabled Progressive ratio if Max is set below main.
  • Add WatchCat M1 version
No longer updated from now on:
[*]STXtreme updater (old)
10.02 BETA075 (May 13 2023)

Replace links with 1002-075

  • GUI: Add Peak Hold: ST side done, GUI still needs to be done
  • GUI: Make log on STX to see why hover release doesn't work. Analysis done, still needs fix.
  • MicroMPX: Fixed closing behavior (something could hang)
  • MicroMPX: Fixed 44.1 kHz sample rate calculation bug, which could cause warnings to be displayed - had no real impact.
  • GUI: Improved scrolling behavior
  • RDS: UECP: Added support for ClockTime messages (time zone, clock offset, turn on/off)
  • RDS: UECP: Added support for group 0x30 TMC encoding as used by Broadcaster Traffic Consortium in the US/Canada (not yet certified).
  • Fixed multiple-second hanging on loading certain presets; MicroMPX NIC addresses were saved as "" instead of "Automatic"
10.02 BETA073 (May 9 2023)

Replace links by 1002-073

  • STXtreme fix screen resolutions on older units in installer
  • MicroMPX: Logging was causing a memory allocation in the call to get the current time.
  • MicroMPX: Optimized license mechanism, works a lot faster and with less memory now (for new keys).
  • ST-Enterprise instances > 1 crashed when loading very old settings (from before it was officially released), an early beta customer ran into this.
10.02 BETA071 (May 4 2023)

  • DSP plugin is broken in SAM since last Winamp fix where we don't do anything anymore when it's closing
  • Streaming: Genre was sent as URL (since switching to new I/O)
  • b]Fix diversity delay in multi-instance version[/b]
  • PWave red parts in waveform in Bypass mode, declipper data isn't cleared
  • Fixed flashing of some meters (bass meters, limiters in compressors)
  • Removed unnecessary parametric EQ communication to web interface (was updating the graphs on each redraw)
  • Fixed unicode behavior (GUI/web interface)
  • Added license warning bar on top of GUI
  • Preset saving backend rewritten, font end still needed
  • Installer for STXtreme updates time zone if needed
  • STXtreme digital sample rates don't work, why?
  • Clean up PSublevels
10.02 BETA066 (Apr 8 2023)

  • Export of saved presets is now filtered as well for login rights (not visible = removed from export)
  • Preset selection links in web interface are filtered for access rights
  • Rewrote pulldown behavior (risky, but everything seems ok - handling of updates and unknown values is changed).
  • DSP plugin window could shrink slightly in some cases after restarts, solved.
    [*]Web interface: After logging out you could log in again without re-entering password, fixed.
    [*]Several screen reader fixes[/color]
10.02 BETA065 (Apr 7 2023)

  • [*]Scheduler settings must get Admin rights
    [*]Jack and ALSA can be used simultaneously on Linux (rename executable to something with both "jack" and "alsa" in the name).
    [*]Fixed issue when Windows restores the window outside of our control (DSP plugin)
    [*]Some parameters that should only be in the .ini file were saved on full exports (instances, disabled warnings)
    [*]Loading and resetting parameters now ignores parameters that you don't have access to (when logins are enabled); load for editable, save for visible.
    [*]Small fix in closing behavior for streams
    [*]Page headers now know if they can be loaded/saved (not used yet).
    [*]Logging out was broken, fixed.
10.02 BETA064 (Apr 6 2023)

Replace links with 1002-064

  • [*]Rewrote VST3 to SingleComponentEffect, this should fix the rendering issue in WaveLab.
    [*]Added possibility for resellers to block access certain parameters (.st.gui_override)
    [*]Password protection slightly improved
    [*]"Acceleration" slider under Auto EQ/Bass EQ fixed (behavior was broken)
    [*]Streaming allows = character in mount point
    [*]Streaming potential exception on closing fixed when there was invalid input data
10.02 BETA063 (Mar 31 2023)

  • [*]Pre/Post Amp visible again
    [*]Left menu size was not always set correctly on start
    [*]Made logging in available to MicroMPX (not yet in the GUI, because some things in the web interface are misbehaving).
    [*]RDS: Changed RT+ order based on advise from ChatGPT, might improve handling of updates.
    [*]GUI: Cleaned up CPU page popup
    [*]GUI: Slightly changed which settings are always visible

    [*]GUI: Re-think > with only a hidden button underneath it.
    [*]GUI: Re-think Processing and Repair pages; overview of everything that's enabled.
    [*]ARM32 image RT+ issue - was user error
10.02 BETA060 (Mar 28 2023)

  • [*]Jack in new I/O framework: Verify that it works and that latency is still low.
    [*]Jack in new I/O framework: Remove setting if Jack is the only option that can be selected.
    [*]Jack in new I/O framework: Why are there no input L/R settings for PiMP? - Hopefully fixed, test.
    [*]Password protection: Hashing still had access to old password so you could login again without knowing the password after logging out, in the same browser tab.
    [*]Cleaned up VST3 sizing code; DPI changes should be ok now.
    [*]GUI and web GUI: Changed direction of attack/release speeds (renamed to time).
    [*]Bug fix: Web interface: Horizontal scrollables were broken.
    [*]Bug fix: Levels (pre/post amp) restored
10.02 BETA058 (Mar 24 2023)

Replace links with 1002-058

  • [*]Fixed VST size issue in WaveLab
10.02 BETA057 (Mar 23 2023)

  • [*]Test NAN inputs on Enterprise -> No issues seen; maybe there was a problem specifically with beta047 which doesn't even run on a test system here.
    [*]Jack on Linux: Sample rate > 48 kHz doesn't work -> Yes it does? I think? Waiting for feedback.
    [*]Jack: Restore separate builds? -> Nope, let's not do that.
    [*]VST sizing behavior rewritten...
    [*]VST closing behavior was broken, could hang
    [*]Password protection: Solved issue with re-activating if it had been disabled (required you to enter the old password); login button wasn't always visbile after starting.
    [*]Web interface: Improved screen reader support a bit
    [*]Web interface: Save changes in preset info was hanging if no changes were made because server didn't send a response.
    [*]GUI: Alignment issues fixed (some things were displayed with an offset)
    [*]MicroMPX: Added password hashing to library
10.02 BETA055 (Mar 19 2023)

Replace link with 1002-055

  • [*]Dynamic speeds: Also enable this in MB2, and add it to the AGC as well.
    [*]Jack builds separated again (kinda, it's the same binary but we check the file name to decide between Jack/ALSA).
10.02 BETA054 (Mar 17 2023)

Replace link with 1002-054

  • [*]Jack in new I/O framework: Was broken, causing hiccups and crashes.
    [*]Jack in new I/O framework now also used in ARM builds
    [*]Jack can now be combined with non-Jack builds (but requires Jack to be installed)
    [*]Jack: Invalid PEnum value can cause open with port -9999, causing weirdness.
    [*]Temporary workaround to make Mac VST's work without crashing.
    [*]Dynamic loading of Jack to allow running it without installing Jack - Too much work for now, unfortunately.
    [*]Compressors: Dynamic speeds: Current behavior doesn't attack fast if there's dynamic content. Added a checkbox to allow attacking immediately at the highest possible speed, which might work and sound better (MB1, final WB).
    [*]Fixed crash in web server on Linux (which was introduced recently).
10.02 BETA052 (Mar 14 2023)

Replace links with 1002-052

  • [*]Jack input level was wrong (90 dB too low)
    [*].rc is missing in Linux .rc file name - .stereo_tool instead of .stereo_tool.rc!
    [*]Enterprise: License display showed FM enabled even if it wasn't.
    [*]VST size issue in Reaper solved (hopefully), affected both Windows and Mac - not yet tested on Mac.
10.02 BETA051 (Mar 11 2023)

Replace links with 1002-051

  • [*]Add Jack to new I/O framework
    [*]Presets were stored in wrong location on Linux (no . at start of directory name)
    [*]MicroMPX: Multicast didn't work properly (didn't get subscribed to at startup, among others)
    [*]MicroMPX: Thread could briefly go to 100% CPU usage

    [*]Multi-instance multiple processes show existing process window
    [*]Check hangup when switching in non-Jack version from Jack to MME, or when closing afterwards -> Windows was thoroughly broken at this point, there's no good fix except killing the thread - and then it would still be broken.
    [*]HighInYourFace GUI didn't display anything at block size 2048 with Quality > 100%
    [*]Fixed several Valgrind warnings (reading outside of memory!)
    [*]Fixed a small bug in the beep generator if there's an error in input 2 (it would start without knowing the sample rate)
    [*]Advanced Dynamics display moves too fast at 4096 with Quality > 100%.
    [*]Winamp plugin "configure" didn't work anymore.
10.02 BETA048 (Feb 28 2023)

Replace link by 1002-048

  • [*]GUI: Redraw bugs from 047 solved (alignment of meters for AGC/MB/Auto EQ is still off)
    [*]Kantar: Update documentation and apply for certification
    [*]ST-Enterprise is now officially Kantar certified!
    [*]Intrasonics: Support for separate FM/HD watermarks
10.02 BETA047 (Feb 25 2023)

Replace links with BETA1002-047

  • [*]Added anti-hysteresis to CPU usage popup to prevent it from blinking extremely fast.
    [*]Added NRSC AM mask to MicroMPX AM Reprocessor
    [*]Added Intrasonics filtering for testing
    [*]Added new Kantar to Enterprise version, using 8.1 SDK
    [*]Kantar: Add 2 fields to enter a directory name + browse buttons
    [*]Kantar: Split Watermarking documentation in 3 files
    [*]Kantar/Intrasonics: Support separate watermarks for FM/HD
    [*]Improved password protection code (now ready to be released)
    [*]Fixed restoring tray icon after a Windows Explorer crash
    [*]Bug fix: Dehummer could write GUI data outside of memory for > 2 channels
    [*]Some password protected settings could still be changed from the web interface, fixed.
    [*]Fixed Control key behavior for precise control of sliders with cursor keys
    [*]Optimized drawing code; overall CPU usage reduction; modal pages use far less CPU than before if things move in the background.
    [*]Possible crash fixed when using multiple instances

    [*]Lots of small fixes and improvements.
10.02 BETA046 (Feb 11 2023)

  • Replace links with BETA1002-046

  • [*]WatchCat crashes fixed
    [*]Jack versions crashed when using input 2 (must have been since at least version 9.00!)
    [*]Slightly improved cursor key up/down behavior (works faster now for precise sliders)
    [*]Relay: Added RDS method A switching, and RT
10.02 BETA045 (Feb 8 2023)

  • Replace link with BETA1002-045

  • [*]WatchCat crash solved, this also affected other non-sound card builds
    [*]GUI: Changed precision of up/down cursor keys. Please let us know if this behavior feels good or not
    [*]GUI: Added I/O type (MME/Wasapi etc) back to each entry in the sound card pulldown menu, was invisible when closed
    [*]GUI: Pulldown-menu sizes in modal pages work better (texts now always fit)
    [*]GUI: Moved Reset options to top of context menu to make resetting much faster
    [*]AZIMUTH was loaded as part of Processing instead of Repair!
10.02 BETA044 (Feb 7 2023)

  • Replace ink with 1002-044

  • [*]MicroMPX make it possible to reduce webinterface bandwidth
    [*]Fixed NAN's when changing number of bands (Auto EQ, Bass EQ, Multibands)
    [*]Fixed small bug in Absolute Highs
    [*]Rewrote/tried to simplify I/O GUI code, hopefully the behavior is still identical.[/color]
10.02 BETA043 (Feb 4 2023)

Replace links with 1002-043

  • [*]TEST: SOUND CARD LATENCY SETTING - decide what to do with it. - First testable version
    [*]MicroMPX top bar scope is missing
    [*]MicroMPX doesn't call Model::Initialize, doesn't start AutoSave
    [*]Rename Normal Output to HD
    [*]Get rid of word "Transmitter" for FM/AM everywhere
    [*]Added optional console window to stand alone builds
    [*]STXtreme: Fixed AES/EBU resampling displays
    [*]MicroMPX make top bar equal size (maybe ST GUI spectrum as well?)
10.02 BETA042 (Jan 31 2023)

Replace version by 1002-042

  • [*]TEST: SOUND CARD LATENCY SETTING - might fix Wasapi/KS issues
    [*]Web interface menu's must auto-close
    [*]RDS live data visible in web interface (at least for STXtreme)
    [*]STXtreme: Read AES frequencies from registry
    [*]MicroMPX Decoder library: Added callback for when RDS data is received in the bitstream.
10.02 BETA040 (Jan 27 2023)

Replace version by 1002-040

  • [*]New GUI: Solved DSP plugin issues in FFDShow (most issues solved, there's a memory leak when you open the GUI in "Invisible" mode and then go to Visible)
    [*]New I/O layer: Solved streaming reopen issue: Moved opening from Start to Open (which makes more sense anyway)
    [*]New I/O layer: Solved "Start" error issue: If Start causes an issue, we reopen
    [*]Added "Difference" mode to equalizer.
10.02 BETA039 (Jan 24 2023)

Replace links with 1002-039

  • [*]Hopefully fixed Winamp DSP plugin crash, using unique window names
10.02 BETA038 (Jan 22 2023)

Replace links with 1002-038

  • [*]DSP plugin hang-on-close fixed.
    [*]DSP plugin loud audio at start when using REAL I/O since BETA036 fixed.
    [*]Update Matt's preset descriptions
10.02 BETA036 (Jan 20 2023)

Replace links with 1002-036

  • [*]Inverted phase on one channel detection: Added threshold setting to make it more sensitive, it currently won't switch on most stereo music
    [*]New GUI: Solved VST problem in hosts that resize before asking us the size
    [*]New GUI: Solved VST problem in hosts that don't listen to resize commands (didn't display anything anymore)
    [*]New GUI: VST host size workaround for bug in OBS. It will still open a too big window on the first start; if you close and re-open the window it's ok, and it doesn't get bigger anymore
    [*]Still an issue with pre-emphasis when the GUI isn't shown?? Update_local_parSet_PARAM_DSO_WinampOutput_Enabled must update Enabled() state, for both VST and non-VST. Or we need to find a way to check if things are being used.
    [*]Auto-save changes made on the front panel just like in the web interface
    [*]Solved Winamp (and probably also VST and Generic) crashes on startup when using "REAL I/O" when audio was playing
    [*]Solved Winamp crash on exit when audio was still playing
    [*]Solved plugin normal output buffer warning when not using "REAL I/O"
    [*]STXtreme: Verify that everything fits on the display -> Made it slightly bigger, top bar as well
    [*]STXtreme: Made AES/EBU frequency change apply button only visible when changes are requested
    [*]Renamed a new parameters (more to follow).
10.02 BETA035 (Jan 18 2023)

Replace links with 1002-035

    [*]ALL BUILDS CONVERTED TO NEW I/O LAYER (except those using Jack)
    [*]Move GML/Generic build to new I/O framework compiles - fixed AUDIO version
    [*]Show Dante IP address in GUI.
    [*]SD card image read-only.
    Post on site
    [*]Add silence go-to level to Bass EQ just like in Auto EQ
    [*]Intrasonics - run remaining tests
    [*]New GUI: Persistent display of CPU, buffer fillings
    [*]RDS: Move ECC en LCC to non-Advanced RDS
    [*]Split RDS from other FM settings
    [*]Make debug output for parameter tree, to replace old GUI for debugging
    [*]Added RDS PS display to STXtreme and new GUI top bar
    [*]Add Kantar and Intrasonics pages in STX (not yet usable)
    [*]ST-Enterprise: Intrasonics watermarking certified!
10.02 BETA031 (Jan 10 2023)

LAST POST WITH OLD GUI - so don't remove these links
  • [*]STXtreme: Enable Nielsen PPM
    [*]Reduced initial (startup) memory usage of NEW_GUI by 52 MB
    [*]Code cleanup: Use internal model->Common in ParSet
    [*]Stream (via VLC) is apparently an option on Linux now - shouldn't be viewtopic.php?f=14&t=32883&p=73124#p73124
    [*]New GUI: GUI gets bigger every time it's opened in OBS viewtopic.php?f=14&t=32703&p=73091#p73091
    [*]Check startup pre-emphasis issue mentioned here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=32702&p=73104#p73104 - solved; value was not updated without GUI updates after the sound card logic had executed
    [*]New GUI memory usage: Scope/Spectrum memory pool
    [*]Moved Generic plugin to new I/O layer - partially done
    [*]Bug fix: Previous NEW_GUI builds could crash on startup, reporting a 0xc0000374 exception
    [*]New GUI: Reduced memory usage (by 120 MB if you go through all the pages)

    [*]Test ASIO reopen like at B&G - No issue elsewhere...
10.02 BETA028 (Dec 25 2022)

Replace links with 1002-028

  • [*]BIG (risky!) rewrite of how different plugins access their host information
    [*]Fixed crash when using old GUI with new web interface, and viewing scopes with declipping
    [*]STXtreme: New SSD image resolution support
    [*]STXtreme: Front panel I/O page, make separate subpages, and add sample rate and AES/EBU settings
    [*]STXtreme: Added and tuned front panel preset selection; you never have to scroll through the info to load a preset
    [*]STXtreme: Added 2-finger scrolling (currently only affects preset list)
    [*]Put new Matt presets in NEW_GUI presets
10.02 BETA026 (Dec 20 2022)

Replace links with 1002-026

  • [*]Some memory usage optimizations caused crashes in plugin versions
    [*]Slightly reduced memory usage a bit further.
10.02 BETA025 (Dec 20 2022)

Replace links with 1002-025

  • [*]The earlier memory usage optimizations have caused some issues that could cause crashes when switching between presets (apparently that happened only on Linux). Solved now.
10.02 BETA024 (Dec 18 2022)

Replace other links by BETA1002-024

  • [*]Memory usage reduced by another 48 MB (in DSP plugin). Stand alone is reduced even more (not sure vs the previous build, but it's 158 MB lower than the previous release; it's lower than it has been in over 4.5 years).
10.02 BETA023 (Dec 17 2022)

Replace other links by BETA1002-023

  • [*]Reduced memory usage, optimized look up tables using a lot of bit fiddling. This should also improve performance and reduce cache misses. (Actually measured effect on our test systems is very small, in the order of 1%)
    [*]Fixed possible crash in last beta's when using them without LQLL enabled.
10.02 BETA021 (Dec 14 2022)

Replace other links by BETA1002-021

  • [*]VST plugins are working again
    [*]Blocking behavior for new I/O layer in plugins added
    [*]New I/O layer: Made "Use real I/O" in plugins blocking if no other outputs are enabled, and fixed blocking behavior (works well now when writing to file). Very tricky change
    [*]Bad sound card selection seems to open Microsoft Sound Mapper? Yes, load was ignoring unknown values.
10.02 BETA019 (Dec 10 2022)

Replace other links by BETA1002-019

  • [*]Smal memory usage reduction for builds that include LQLL
    [*]Make LQLL in Winamp and VST allocate only when needed. Reduced memory usage by 208 MB versus earlier binaries (it's still a bit higher than in version 9.92)
    [*]New GUI: Improved Linux window closing behavior (could crash in last few beta's).
10.01 BETA018 (Dec 9 2022)

  • Replace version number by 1002-018

  • [*]Reduced memory usage (Stereo Tool stand alone by 39 MB, STXtreme by 340 MB).
10.01 BETA016 (Dec 6 2022)

  • Replace version number by 1002-016

  • [*]New I/O layer: Requested PA block size might be off-by-one due to rounding; 481 is stable and 480 isn't when using "suggested" (Bojcha) -> No, behavior is just weird
    [*]New I/O layer: Was not working at all when explicitly setting block sizes in BETA015.
    [*]Check VAC out 3 in multi-instance with NielsenTest test 25 settings. -> Appears to be ok now, no idea what happened, let's wait for further feedback.
    [*]AES67 and libVLC inputs were not notifying the framework that there was new audio available
    [*]New I/O layer: Made "Use real I/O" in plugins blocking, this is *probably* what you want. Not sure
    [*]Update Declipper plugin to new GUI - done, except for presets
10.01 BETA015 (Dec 5 2022)

  • Replace version number by 1002-015

  • [*]New I/O layer: There's still something wrong when the buffer drops from > 100% to < 0% very quickly; M stays at 2 instead of 0.5
    [*]New I/O layer: Buffer size calculation on initial startup is wrong; when we discover what the block size is we need to set it to the center
    [*]Performed PPM tests
10.01 BETA013 (Dec 3 2022)

  • Replace version number by 1002-013

  • [*]New I/O framework: All outputs were accidentally made blocking in BETA013. May have caused weird behavior, buffer underruns on other outputs etc.
    [*]Fixed Declipper plugin crashes
10.01 BETA012 (Dec 3 2022)

  • Replace version number in links with 1002-012

  • [*]New I/O framework: VLC output didn't respond to changes in settings
    [*]New I/O framework: VLC input had no reopen delay, kept retrying way too fast
    [*]New I/O framework: If the buffer ended up in the area where it could be either too full or empty, it could get stuck there
    [*]New I/O framework: Enabled resampling in new I/O mode when Auto is selected regardless of buffer sizes
    [*]New I/O framework: Added blocking output, for plugin FM outputs. We can enable it elsewhere it needed (?).
10.01 BETA011 (Dec 2 2022)

  • Change version number to 1002-011

  • [*]Add new I/O to VST3
    [*]Fixed bug in new I/O layer that caused empty buffers to be handled incorrectly (as if they were full!)
    [*]Add NEW_GUI to Mac builds
    [*]Add NEW_GUI to Mac Enterprise builds. GUI is now enabled by default, use --no-gui to use it without a GUI like before.
10.01 BETA009 (Nov 30 2022)

  • Replace version number by 1002-009

  • [*]Add new I/O to VST2 plugin (slightly modified initialization for DSP as well, to add support for multiple Plugin devices)
    [*]Show sample rate in plugins
    [*]New GUI: Scaling of Spectrum had off-by-one error
    [*]Made performance display meters more usable (they respond faster)
10.01 BETA008 (Nov 29 2022)

  • [*]Make block sizes in new I/O layer the same as in old one. -> At the same settings it's 1 I/O block lower
    [*]Added ASIO to DSP plugin.
10.01 BETA007 (Nov 26 2022)

  • 1002-007

10.01 BETA006 (Nov 25 2022)

  • 1002-006

  • [*]Winamp plugin: Added new I/O framework and The BIMP! (old GUI; one setting is missing in the new GUI). See viewtopic.php?f=14&t=33391&p=72886#p72886
    [*]Fix plugin crash in SAM Broadcaster on startup since BETA004
    [*]Update Winamp build to new I/O layer
10.01 BETA005 (Nov 22 2022)

  • [*]New I/O layer: Increased buffer sizes for MME/Wasapi/Kernel Streaming by 1 block, since without that it was almost always causing hiccups at buffer size 0
    [*]New I/O layer: Increased target buffer filling for synchronization by 1 block, making it identical (I think) to the old framework, and more logical as well
    [*]RDS: Restored old RadioText A/B behavior for non-UECP inputs to how it worked before version 9.92/10.00; new behavior was causing issues
    [*]Web interface: Some checkboxes need to be displayed inverted (internal value on means off and vice versa), fixed
    [*]Web interface: Fixed crash in BETA004
    [*]Absolute Highs: Small bug fix that may have some (minor) impact on the audio
    [*]Fixed Nielsen PPM startup behavior (after restarting ST-Enterprise it could show an error message).
10.01 BETA004 (Nov 20 2022)

  • [*]Updated Windows stand alone builds (32 and 64 bit, old and new GUI) to new I/O layer. This should not cause any changes in behavior, except that Input 2 synchronization now works
    [*]Partially updated Winamp build to new I/O layer
    [*]New GUI builds: Initial metering overview screen added.
10.01 BETA003 (Nov 15 2022)

  • Replace link by 1002-003

  • [*]MicroMPX: /dev/ttyACM0 didn't work in BETA001
    [*]MicroMPX: Linux version NMEA timeout increased to avoid EOF errors in Brazil (fewer sats?)
    [*]Bug fix: R128 multi-step processing didn't ignore relative normal output level and pre limiter level, could cause infinite loops because it never reached the target level
    [*]STXtreme SSD image!
10.01 BETA002 (Nov 12 2022)

  • [*]STXtreme: Always open front screen on home page after restarts
    [*]STXtreme: Add setting for signal selection for HD output
    [*]STXtreme: Extra input: Set OFF as default
    [*]MicroMPX: Our USB receiver hardware has a different /dev/tty name on Linux, added to pulldown
    [*]Auto-save after changes in web interface only saved after the web interface was closed
    [*]Web interface updated to FontAwesome v6, and optimized for size (new web interface only sends 315 kB of data now).[/color]
10.01 BETA001 (Nov 9 2022)

  • Replace version numbers by 1001-001

  • [*]Login mechanism now enabled for Enterprise, STX and ABE builds
    [*]MicroMPX: GPS can now use system clock + 1PPS pulses, no need for NMEA anymore (needs to be tested thoroughly!)
    [*]MicroMPX: Add replacing RDS option

    [*]Block MicroMPX @ 44.1 on the Pi, doesn't work
    [*]MicroMPX on Windows at 44.1 with block size 2048 and "Ignore low frequencies" set to 38400 fails. 2040 * 156800 / 192000 is 1666, not divisable by downsample factor 4. - Limited MicroMPX sample rates to only 38400, 44100, 48000
    [*]Reduced web interface data further
    [*]Added hiding of settings to login mechanism
    [*]Made login mechanism work for native GUI

PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2022 6:24 pm 
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Ah, new tray icon! Looks nice. Not so much a fan of how the unregistered exclamation mark is centered and has an extra black outline, but that's probably not permanent. The old tray icon looked and worked amazingly, so keeping that as a blueprint should work well for the new one (this is in regard to placing the exclamation mark to the left so it doesn't cover up most of the audible range of levels). Outside of that, it's a keeper.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2022 12:29 am 

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Latest version - Beta 10.01-001 (November 9 2022)
Note: At this point we still have builds with the old and the new GUI, the old GUI will soon be removed. For the new GUI, see the Stereo Tool 10 preview thread (viewtopic.php?f=14&t=32703).

The 32 bit ARM build system was unavailable so the MicroMPX changes (which are most of the changes in this version) are not yet available in 32 bit ARM. We'll run a build tonight.

  • Login mechanism now enabled for Enterprise, STX and ABE builds.
  • MicroMPX: GPS can now use system clock + 1PPS pulses, no need for NMEA anymore (needs to be tested thoroughly!)
  • MicroMPX: Add replacing RDS option
  • Block MicroMPX @ 44.1 on the Pi, doesn't work.
  • MicroMPX on Windows at 44.1 with block size 2048 and "Ignore low frequencies" set to 38400 fails. 2040 * 156800 / 192000 is 1666, not divisable by downsample factor 4. - Limited MicroMPX sample rates to only 38400, 44100, 48000.
  • Reduced web interface data further.
  • Added hiding of settings to login mechanism.
  • Made login mechanism work for native GUI

  • STXtreme SSD image! BUSY
  • Can we combine meterbars between pages? Would save 50 MB of memory just on loading already.
  • Add PPM to STXtreme
  • Run PPM tests in STXtreme
Please don’t remove the old GUI. The new is ugly, not intuitive and difficult to find the feats… is a real pain…


PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2022 12:53 am 
Site Admin
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Please don’t remove the old GUI. The new is ugly, not intuitive and difficult to find the feats… is a real pain…
The old GUI does not scale at all, which means that it's getting nearly impossible to add new settings to it. Just look at how the multiband compressor has 9 pages or so with settings. If you have issues with the new GUI, please report them, and we'll try to do something with what you're reporting.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2022 2:21 am 
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Please don’t remove the old GUI. The new is ugly, not intuitive and difficult to find the feats… is a real pain…
The old GUI does not scale at all, which means that it's getting nearly impossible to add new settings to it. Just look at how the multiband compressor has 9 pages or so with settings. If you have issues with the new GUI, please report them, and we'll try to do something with what you're reporting.
Add even MORE settings? How about fix current settings/filters?

- Input2 practicaly useless as backup input. Should be literally removed. Also VLC that should be nice to have, but it's not working and also not planned.
- ND, never got dynamic detection on input.
- FM calibration still has bugged band-narrowed EQ and still not replaced by proper PEQ.
- New AGC bugged and wrongly builded especially window function.
- ITU filters mostly wrong and not even same one in AGC and MB.
- MB flat bands are bugged, do not use that!
- MB's output is wrong and not always same as 'hear' (limiters), output per band is fine tho.
- Still no proper crossover settings for every number of bands. Long time ago that should be altogether set and removed.
- Main clipper
- etc etc

But i guess some of those, or all of them, are not important, right, Like Final Limiter, not important to be in audio processor, literally i begged 2 years for fix, like now i'm asking for additional button in hard limit to be able to fully bypass FM, pre-limiter improvements, gate freeze detection after AGC option, possibility to use only gate freeze and not with gate slowdown. etc.. most of them are really simple stuff.
How about removing and simplifying some things, instead just adding new? We still have old and new (and sometimes old-old..), compressors, bass filters, and many more. For compatibility with presets? What presets? In best case half of them are anyway bugged, or bad.
And finally, new gui might be way better if at some point things got simplified and useless stuff removed. And naah, 'basic' modes are not that!
It's pointless to ask someone what's wrong with newgui, many things are. It firstly need to be simplyfied, people don't know to even use old one wich is still way faster for navigation, you cannot justify that i see RF spectrum analyzer, even if i dont use it and don't care about it, and in same time i don't see how my AGC is doing. Also those drop down/minimized menus, why th are they minimized when there IS reserved space for it vs current windows size.

I promised on many places, long time ago, that i will setup their input2 for backup, they all knew about that feature, now i am asking You all this and i need answer only about input2, will old gui have new I/O engine at all and/or any time soon?

control point
control point2

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2022 4:51 am 
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Add even MORE settings? How about fix current settings/filters?
I agree with this, especially because many people have questions about the current AGC and mostly use the legacy. No actual documentation.
Like, it's all over the place for presets in Stereo Tool to be using legacy AGC and then modern AGC.

I was thrilled when you added "Determine better default band frequencies for MB3, 5 and AGC (and ND)" to your TODO because Stereo Tool definitely needs better default in my opinion.

It's funny that I just switched my current preset from the modern AGC to the legacy AGC and it sounds so much better...

Edit: Though, I do think the new GUI could end up being really good. Thanks to Thimeo's peoples for taking feedback :D

Last edited by TheDaChicken on Fri Nov 11, 2022 12:49 am, edited 2 times in total.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2022 10:40 am 

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@Bojcha, thank you for the list of issues, we'll look into them and fix them ASAP.

As for your issues with the new gui:
new gui might be way better if at some point things got simplified and useless stuff removed. And naah, 'basic' modes are not that!
We cannot remove most "useless stuff" because if people are using it, their sound will change.
We can hide it if it isn't used.
Which we do.
If you haven't noticed, then we're probably doing a good job.

Could you specify which "stuff" you regard as "useless" so that we can take a look?

Furthermore, the new gui has done away with operating modes, so I don't know why you brought that up.

It's pointless to ask someone what's wrong with newgui, many things are.
It's easy to say "me no like, it stoopid" but the only reply you're gonna get to that is "we do like, kthxbye".
Make a list of all those things that in your opinion are wrong, please.
It firstly need to be simplyfied,
It is simplified. We hide the advanced stuff behind unfolders or in popup pages.

If there's stuff visible that you think should be hidden, or the other way around, please use this beta as an opportunity to let us know.
People don't know to even use old one wich is still way faster for navigation, you cannot justify that i see RF spectrum analyzer, even if i dont use it and don't care about it, and in same time i don't see how my AGC is doing.
In what way does the old gui have faster navigation, other than that you're used to where settings are in the old gui and not (yet) used to where they are in the new one?

You'll only see the RF spectrum on the pages "FM Transmitter" and "Advanced clipper" (it's folded by default in the latter).
The reasoning behind that, as you so aptly describe, is that nobody should care about it when setting up anything else. Nobody wants to see the RF spectrum when setting up the AGC, you're completely right about that.
But the other way around: when you're setting up the FM transmitter, you shouldn't care about how your AGC is doing. And if you do care, just go to any processing dynamics page and it'll be right there.

We're planning to build an overview page where every scope is visible.
Also those drop down/minimized menus, why th are they minimized when there IS reserved space for it vs current windows size.
They are minimized to reduce the number of settings on screen. Even if there's enough room to show them, we don't want to show them because in our opinion, that would make the interface less simple.

In the new gui, there's no such thing as reserved space. There either is space left or there isn't (in which case there's a scrollbar).
We don't want to compulsively fill up remaining space, as that is a major factor in perceived difficulty of use.

While we truly appreciate all the valuable feedback you're giving and have given throughout the years (we really do), I have to make something abundantly clear:
We are only human. We make mistakes, we forget things. Our "not fixing current settings/filters" isn't with malicious intent. We don't "keep bugs" just to spite you or anyone. We don't willfully ignore you and you never have to "beg" for anything.
Our time is finite. Hans works his ass off. And he does so on many things that you, as a regular user (however advanced), will never see or know about.
For me, while I love working at Thimeo, I have felt a lot of stress because of comments that are set in the tone that many of yours are.
I have a great deal of patience, Hans even more so, but believe me when I say:

We are losing patience with the way that you are talking to us.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2022 3:39 pm 
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We're planning to build an overview page where every scope is visible.
How about maybe an overview page where just the active scopes are visible. (to save on realty)

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2022 6:19 pm 

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We're planning to build an overview page where every scope is visible.
How about maybe an overview page where just the active scopes are visible. (to save on realty)
Ah yeah, that's what I meant.

For further comments on (plans for) the new GUI, visit this thread

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2022 8:30 pm 

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I loaded the 64 bit vst 2 plugin into RadioBoss and enabled the web interface. When I type the IP address in the browser, I get the old web interface. Is that how it should be?

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