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PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2022 10:29 am 
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I think we'll have to lock this thread, which means we will start monitoring the main beta thread for GUI issues.

If there's anything anyone would like to add or respond to, simply use the "quote" functionality and post it in either the main beta thread or in a direct message to Tom.

We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to this thread with their feedback for their effort!
You're all instrumental (sound pun) in making Stereo Tool and our other products the best they can be.
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to let us know what we can improve.

I would like to address everyone's concerns about any web interface, preset selection and screen reader support, so that this thread doesn't get flooded with feedback about that:
  • The old web interface will get phased out in newer versions of Stereo Tool. Please refrain from giving feedback about it here
  • Some features in the new web interface lack proper support for screen readers. We will (try to) address any issues brought up so far
  • Screen reader support and keyboard navigation for the stand-alone GUI are on our list

As we've mentioned many in the past already, we are working on a new user interface. And now it's finished far enough to post the first public beta!

Tom Evers, the lead designer of the new user interface, has written a blog post about the thoughts behind the changes, and what the current state of the new GUI is. It also contains a lot of before-and-after images:

Here are some binaries for testing:

Beta v10.02-032: These installers will install in the same location as the normal Stereo Tool (you can interchange them, the only difference is the user interface).

Please post GUI-related feedback to this version here, and any other issues in the 10.01 beta thread.

From Tom directly:

This new interface will take some getting used to.
  • Settings have been renamed and moved
  • Controls can feel different
  • Depending on what skin you were using, it might look completely unrecognizable
Believe me, we know how jarring a huge change like this can be, but we feel that it was absolutely necessary.

If you can't find a setting, please consider the following:
A block of settings may be "unfoldable" (there is a '>' next to the title) or the setting may be in a modal (pop-up) page.
If it's "hidden" in this way, should it be? Do you use it very often? Often enough to bring it closer to the surface? Do you think many users do (or should) use it that often?
If something is tucked away too deep while it really needs to be accessed regularly, let us know. But know that we're trying to keep the interface as clean as possible.

Conversely, if you spot any unnecessary settings that are always shown but could be housed a bit deeper, tell us.

Known issues/omissions:
  • Some known issues are mentioned in the blog
  • The login system (to require a password for changing settings) is disabled for now, there's a new user management on the way
  • CPU usage might be a bit higher than in the old GUI: we're constantly looking into performance and tweaking along the way.
  • The warning about unlicensed functionality is missing
  • The meter bar is not consistent across pages.
    We tried showing only meters that are relevant to the specific page that is viewed, and the bar resizes to fit all the page content underneath (i.e. it becomes smaller when there's a lot of content on the page).
    This behavior can feel slightly jarring, and we're not completely happy with it ourselves.

Planned features (mid to long term):
  • As mentioned in the blog post: skinning, keyboard control, localization, plugin support, MacOS suppoert, preset management and context menus
  • Setting search (the ability to find all settings that include some word or search phrase)
  • Overview pages (for simple settings and/or for metering and monitoring)

Changes 10.02-032 (January 11 2022):
  • Bug with colors (disabled state and when editing texts) solved; broke recently
  • Memory usage reduced a lot (probably 200 MB less than before)
  • Lots of smaller changes and improvements

Changes 10.02-028 (December 25 2022):
  • Lots of smaller changes and improvements

Changes 10.02-021 (December 14 2022):
  • Lots of smaller changes and improvements

Changes 10.02-011 (December 2 2022):
  • Added MAC support (not everything works yet, for example you cannot use the keyboard. Coming soon!
  • Fixed wave zooming
  • Fixed and optimized spectrum stretching on large hi-res displays
  • Improved performance meter behavior

Changes 10.02-007 (November 26 2022):
  • Reordered meters in overview screen, and hiding everything that's not enabled.

Changes 10.02-004 (November 20 2022):
  • Initial version of meter overview screen

Changes 10.02-003 (November 15 2022):
  • Fixed slider up/down arrows (were swapped)
  • In horizontally scrollable sections, you can now open multiple advanced sections at the same time (click on the 2-arrow icon instead of on the name)
  • Updated to FontAwesome 6, with optimizations.

Changes 10.01-002 (November 12 2022):
  • Note: We have temporarily disabled the login system, because we need to make an STXtreme-build based on this version. Will come back in the next build.
  • You can use Control/(Shift)/+ and Control/- to open or close all the available items (on the top bar or main section, depending on where you clicked last)
  • In horizontally scrollable sections, you can now open multiple advanced sections at the same time (click on the 2-arrow icon instead of on the name)
  • Updated to FontAwesome 6, with optimizations.

Changes 10.01-001 (November 9 2022):
  • Preset menu now contains tabs
  • Added user login mechanism
  • Lots of small fixes/optimizations

Changes 992-075 (October 16 2022):
  • Exporting presets from VST plugins was broken
  • Old web interface was broken

Changes 992-072 (October 14 2022):

Changes 992-069 (October 11 2022):
  • Added VST3 new GUI builds!

Changes 992-067 (October 8 2022):
  • Web interface errors fixed

Changes 992-066 (October 7 2022): VST and DSP RadioBOSS fixes:
  • VST resizing fixed
  • RadioBOSS DSP plugin works again, with a workaround

Changes 992-062 (October 1 2022): Lots of bigger and smaller fixes:
  • Full screen with F11 supported (ALT+Enter coming as well)
Known issue: 32 bit VST plugin window size misbehaves if loaded in 64 bit "VSTHost" (there's a program that's called that). Which might mean that there are problems in more VST hosts, with or without 32 bit bridging.

Changes 992-061 (September 29 2022): Lots of bigger and smaller fixes:
  • VST plugin resizing and reopening should work now.
  • RadioBoss slow drawing should no longer be an issue.
  • AGC matrix settings added to stereo filters.

Changes 992-050 (September 2 2022): Lots of smaller fixes (mostly those reported by MrKlorox):
  • GPS Status text NMEA info displayed in the same brightness once we get the green OK tick.
  • Holding ctrl then holding the left mouse button on a slider makes the cursor disappear until the next app restart.
  • Enabled the input levels meter and scope as well as ITU if Hide CPU heavy monitoring is OFF while BYPASS is enabled.
  • rounding bug when scrolling a single tick: FM Output: set Auto-Restart on Buffer Issues to 1%, scroll the mouse wheel down, the percentage is now 5 instead of zero.
  • When right-clicking a slider on a pop-over and choosing a selection that goes outside of the pop-over boundaries, it closes the pop-over while applying the selection.
  • On the I/O page, sometimes a half-width cell will become a full-width cell. Like when disabling the FM Output and then Reenabling it.

Changes 992-044 (August 22 2022):
No GUI changes, but the ARM 32 bit builds have been updated.

Changes 992-042 (August 18 2022):
  • Added Compactness setting that makes the GUI fit better on small screens without reducing font size.
  • New GUI bug fix: Editable state of text fields was not communicated to the new GUI.
  • Setting the window title during closing caused deadlock.
  • New GUI memory leaks and other startup issues in SAM Broadcaster solved.
  • Fixed help scrolling bug (if the help text is very long, scrolling through it was broken).
  • Fixed possible crash in interaction between web interface and new native interface.

Changes 992-035 (August 7 2022):
  • New GU can now display help info (right click for the context menu that includes "What is this?")
  • New GUI: Slider text editing doesn't close when you select another slider.
  • DSP NEW_GUI release build from last night crashes [Hans]
  • VST NEW_GUI re-opening GUI fails [T+H]
  • VST NEW_GUI weird full-screen workaround and restore old GUI behavior - Added size sliders instead
  • Rewrote the entire meter bar resizing code
  • Lots of smaller NEW_GUI improvements

Changes 992-031 (July 30 2022):
  • Added Pi 32 bit version
  • Fixed VST/Winamp plugins web interface for new GUI
  • Reduced memory usage

Changes 992-029 (July 28 2022):
  • Added VST2 NEW_GUI version
  • Reduced memory usage

Changes 992-030 (July 29 2022):
  • Crash of VST2 versions fixed (was a build error, not a code error)
  • Added Raspberry Pi NEW_GUI version (64 bit, 32 bit is still building)

Changes 992-026 (July 24 2022):
  • New GUI/web interface: AGC target level: Fixed error in calculation when entering a value.
  • New GUI: Showing password fields as "***".
  • New GUI: Streaming moved to end of dropdown menu on sound card inputs.

Changes 992-022 (July 17 2022):
  • Lots of smaller fixes and improvements.

Changes 992-019 (July 12 2022):
  • More fixes and improvements, and you can now type in slider values via the right click context menu.

Changes 992-017 (July 8 2022):
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Changes 992-014 (June 24 2022):
  • Context menu's added to sliders on right click, "Factory" and "Saved" popups are gone, saved value now indicated by a small arrow.
  • Added gzip support to web server: Greatly reduced data traffic when loading the new web interface (from 2.9 to 1.0 MB to load it). Also reduced objects.js file by removing some unnecessary things (doesn't use gzip - yet?).
  • Window didn't have a default size and because of that showed up in the minimum size on the first start. Now 1024x768 minus some margins.
  • Linux version could crash if DPI size was reported as 0 (happened on some very old Linux version). Solved.
  • Separate "Resettable" state for widgets for Factory and Last loaded. (Some things really cannot be reset to factory defaults, ever - such as license keys).

Changes 992-011 (June 22 2022):
  • Added Winamp new GUI build!
  • Removed AGC Progressive Release from licensed features list (because it doesn't exist)
  • Clicking on things in window without focus works again
  • Fixed slider rounding behavior (jump from -1.9 to -2.5 instead of -2.0 first)

Changes 992-009 (June 18 2022):
  • Fixed issue in BETA008, if closed in Maximized window mode it wouldn't show any window anymore after starting.

Changes 992-008 (June 17 2022):
  • Fixed Linux window minimize/maximize/full screen/save/DPI behavior (some quirks remain on old Linux version)
  • GUI performance improvements (in ParSet lookups)

Changes 992-005 (June 14 2022):
  • Fixed window size issues in 992-003/004 for Windows (not yet for Linux)
  • Fixed undrawn areas after window restore

Coming soon: Changes 992-004 (June 14 2022):
  • Partial fix of window size issues in 992-003
  • Fixed undrawn areas after window restore

Changes 992-003 (June 10 2022):
  • Meters showing a percentage were scaled wrong in 992-002

Changes 992-002 (June 10 2022):
  • Fixed inverted (positive) meters and scale lines
  • Added some extra scales in the AGC settings for separation, and AGC Wideband display in the meter bar
  • Reorganized the rightmost part of the meterbar (ITU level, FM MPX level, FM left/right output levels, FM sound card output peak level (often MPX), and FM settings are now hidden if FM isn't used - I'm not too happy yet with how this is organized).
  • Meters with small scales have digits every 3 dB instead of every 6 dB.

Changes 992-001 (June 9 2022) (Windows builds only!)
  • GUI size shouldn't change anymore when switching between versions
  • Zoom factor remembered when switching between versions (if you use 9.92-BETA001 for the old GUI as well)
  • Scope displays are cleared on size change, so no more weird old waveforms visible

Changes 991-017 (June 4 2022)
  • Added ITU meter to Advanced Clipper page

Changes 991-015/016 (June 3 2022)
  • Repair and BIMP overview popups, cleaned up Processing popup a bit
  • Vertical marcation lines in PDisplayOne in web interface
  • You can't scroll too far anymore on dB-scale sliders
  • Improved performance on Linux

Changes 991-014: (June 2 2022)
  • Horizontal single-bar meters have marcation lines in them now (vertical still to be done).
  • Reduced CPU load with multi-line fields open (About box, warning/error popups).
Aside from these, a number of non-GUI related issues were solved (see the normal 9.91 BETA forum thread).

  • Added zoom factor (under Application Settings -> User interface
  • Added Processing overview popup in main Processing page, with on/off switches for everything
  • Right clicking resets ITU measurement

  • CPU usage for GUI greatly reduced
  • New GUI builds now load the new web interface by default
  • Linux build doesn't rely on anymore
  • Exception on loading partial presets fixed; Load/Save menu's were not properly updated
  • ITU1770 levels displayed (RESET button is for now placed under I/O -> Normal Output settings)
  • DeReverb is now disabled by pressing "Disable unlicensed features"
  • Lowpass slider is disabled if no Normal/streaming output is generated

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2022 10:35 am 

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This is great news Hans and team!

I will beta test the 64-bit ARM version for Raspberry Pi 4 as soon as it comes out tonight, I'm very excited :-)

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2022 1:05 pm 
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Holy crap, this thing is slick! It'll take a minute to relearn everything, but the presentation and scalability is fantastic.

It appears the DeReverb in the Repair section is not disabled when Turn Off Unlicensed Features is pressed.

Load up fresh, No BIMP License
Enable De-Reverb in Repair section (not BIMP)
Go to License and Turn Off Unlicensed Features
[BIMP is still shown to be in use and unlicensed, while De-Reverb in Repair stays enabled]

I'm also not seeing a place in the UI that warns of unlicensed features outside of the License screen. Just the tray icon once minimized.

Is there still an ITU.1770 Loudness Meter?

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2022 2:12 pm 
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First impression, everything is so big but i see less.
Why gui uses so much cpu, here even more then processing..

control point
control point2

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2022 6:41 pm 
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I will beta test the 64-bit ARM version for Raspberry Pi 4 as soon as it comes out tonight, I'm very excited :-)
For now I only have Intel/AMD Linux version. I can add the Pi but not today anymore (I have added the Intel/AMD versions to the post above).

First impression, everything is so big but i see less.
Why gui uses so much cpu, here even more then processing..
Seeing less was the idea, the old interface could be very overwhelming. The idea here (see the blog post) is that we try to show what's relevant for what you're doing. All the settings (except maybe a handful that were really useless) are still there, a few (including the ITU1770 loudness meter that MrKlorox asked for) have not yet been added to it.

I'm not sure what happened with the CPU usage, I remember it being a lot lower the last time I measured it. And it seems to be about the same on pages with no moving elements, so it's not the drawing itself that's causing this. We'll look into it (next week).

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2022 6:56 pm 

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Will there be a download for the Winamp DSP version?

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2022 7:56 pm 
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Will there be a download for the Winamp DSP version?
According to the blog post linked
Plugin and MacOS support
While the old GUI supports numerous plugins as well as OS X, the codebase is outdated and difficult to maintain. Rewriting the operating system message handling for Windows and Linux already proved a serious amount of work. We decided to stick to Windows and Linux stand-alone builds during development for now, but support for Apple devices (including those with Apple Silicon) and VST/DSP based plugins is coming.

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2022 2:12 am 
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Quick question
Is the FM Analyzer going to be removed with this GUI change or has it not been implemented yet?

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2022 3:11 pm 
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I just can't stand how big this GUI is. Also does make zero difference if i set windows compatibility DPI scaling.
It is so big that i need to fill almost whole my screen width with ST window just to make MB1>Detection settings not scrollable horizontally. Not to mention that vertically i don't even have place left to normally see meters on top. They look so small compared to everything else.
On other hand gui generaly works much better, there is no sttutering in screen, meters, scopers, etc, are smoother, big cpu usage tho, not workable on any of my core2duo cpus.

I still think that all meter filters should stay always at one same place. I mean HOME> Then i click TrueBass, I don't see anymore all other meters i see only TrueBass metter (and rest meters in chain) even it shows meters for it right under, again.

control point
control point2

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2022 3:18 pm 
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I'm not coming up with the new web GUI. Is there something I need to append to the URL? Or is that not available yet in this specific beta?

I haven't cleared caches and stuff, so I'll try that next.

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