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PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2022 10:18 am 
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Latest version - Beta 9.92-073 (October 15 2022)
We also have beta-builds with a new user interface! See the Stereo Tool 10 preview thread (viewtopic.php?f=14&t=32703) for that.

  • Fixed console version R128 output file sizes: Part was cut off in non-WAVE files.
  • Stereo Tool exception log file is now written to the active directory on Linux/Mac

  • STXtreme SSD image! BUSY
  • Check Bob's preset
  • Check Pi nonexisting thread warnings
  • MicroMPX: GPS can now use system clock + 1PPS pulses, no need for NMEA anymore (needs to be tested thoroughly!)
  • Block MicroMPX @ 44.1 on the Pi, doesn't work.
  • MicroMPX on Windows at 44.1 with block size 2048 and "Ignore low frequencies" set to 38400 fails. 2040 * 156800 / 192000 is 1666, not divisable by downsample factor 4. - Limited MicroMPX sample rates to only 38400, 44100, 48000.
  • Reduced web interface data further.
  • Added hiding of settings to login mechanism.
  • Made login mechanism work for native GUI
  • Login mechanism now enabled for Enterprise, STX and ABE builds.
  • MicroMPX: Add replacing RDS option
  • STXtreme Nielsen PPM
  • STXtreme new disk image
  • Update more presets when they come in.
  • Figure out how to enable web interface in VST3 plugins.
  • Add live R128
  • License script ignores MicroMPX GPS in Stereo Tool
  • Login: Per session, Update editable status, Hide things, Show warning when trying to change something without access
  • Merge ABE version into normal version Partially done, as far as possible right now.
  • STX: AES67 NIC selecting fails sometimes, probably due to booting too fast. - Should be fixed now, test (1 hour)
  • STX: Edit whitelist on unit - Tom, 2 days?
  • MicroMPX: Pi image: Add upload backup file, temperature, CPU load. - 1 day
  • High EQ just like bass EQ? - Done, waiting for test results, 2 hours to add all settings.
  • Determine better default band frequencies for MB3, 5 and AGC (and ND) - 3 hours
  • Input level on the Seraph on STXtreme is too high, must be a setting that people want to be able to change. - Not sure if we CAN fix this
  • MicroMPX more than 70 GB of log files generated somewhere, why?? - No idea what's wrong, unable to reproduce... 2 days?
  • Mac new-gui build
  • Delossifier is now calculating MPEG chance per channel, that needs to be combined. - 1 day?
  • MicroMPX: Switching between streams without hiccups (wait for keyframe, set buffer positions at the correct location) - 2 days
  • MicroMPX: Add 2040 as parameter in feed function in lib, check sample number always > 0 and <0 for FEC, maybe add sync mode without actually calling sync, + function to read sync value
  • Command line version: Add support for mono files (and 24 bit too maybe) - 1 day
  • Bojcha: changing Latency 4096 to 2048 and back, makes error: claimbigf: inuse! Same when changing Audio quality.
  • WatchCat: Check OGG encoding, seems to be VBR, not configurable? (Sjoerd W) - 2 days
  • Distortion caused by limiters in MB's causes issues if not using Hear. See post + preset Bojcha. Not a new issue.
  • Setting "Clip" in Multiband 1 (check others) to "off" lowers output level by 1 dB!
  • Speech scrambler - Weeks, wait for order
  • Weird audio in L-R section after Stokkemask clipping with silence as input (at -108 dB at 16 kHz, so not an urgent issue)
  • Pilot has a harmonic (?) at 62100 Hz after 16-bit dithering (at -110 dB). Why?
  • MicroMPX: Create file format
  • "Quality" display show actual CPU load effect, 25-100%, 50 default - 4 hours
  • BS412: Check bass filtering. Doesn't appear to work, and display shows compression when more bass protection is there. See recordings Sebastian K (D:\sts\Seb*)
  • Add "Save" which saves to last opened (what does that mean though?) .sts file, and asks to save on close, so we always have a way to go back.
  • Preset compare, A/B mode with either 2 stored presets or 2 active presets that you can switch between.
  • Check: Clip highest frequencies harder, check if that improves multipath issues. First test would be to lower the lowpass filter. - 2 days, plus testing
  • Crossovers
  • MicroMPX: Fix 2nd input - Code should alreay work but isn't tested, 1 day?
  • MicroMPX: Show source (origin port?) of last decoded packet, maybe also show other active origin ports. show duplicates in a different color in the graph? See check for originPortAllowed for separate streams. Maybe add checkbox to skip originPortAllowed check, if that does not yet exist. - A few days
  • 2w: Slow license code on startup - 1 day (but is it still a problem?)
  • Sub-presets (Declipper, Voice detection)
  • MB1 band linking: instead of making it 3 to 2, make it 2 to 3
  • PNR message which settings changed - 2 hours, if it's not already there
  • Speech detection: Different settings (presets?) for English/Dutch vs Spanish (different S sounds). Different settings for music radio, talk radio etc LATER
  • MicroMPX for left/right audio? AM? - 2 weeks
  • Startup screen with reseller logo STXtreme? - 1 day
  • Email/SMS alerts via cloud
  • Gates must work on loudest channel when combining channels? (Wes) - 1 day
  • Speed linking in dynamic speed mode: Release slowest behavior a bit faster on big drops - I think we already have this for the AGC? So is this still needed?
  • Advanced Clipper Bass Killer: Add dynamic behavior (lower strength if there are mids, for example)
  • Improve Highs vs Rest calculation, it's now incorrectly adding up levels. Is it necessary to use real RMS? (Maybe not, verify with random noise ON HIGHS)
  • Put backup file upload in web interface for MicroMPX
  • Add "Comb phase"-like test tone to uMPX (FB chat Cleiton Araújo)
  • MicroMPX: Silence detector with backup player (timeout - threshold - time ok before going back to stream) - 1 day
  • MicroMPX: Check if LZSS does anything useful (probably not)
  • Clipper detect where highs are killed and compensate for that
  • STX: Overview page with meters
  • MicroMPX decoder 2nd port number - with pull-down menu, and indices.
  • LiquidSoap/Centova setup manual, maybe add some features
  • Improve ABDP
  • Compressor with curve drawer - 1 month?
  • Disable stereo widening when detecting low bitrate MP3s - 4 hours
  • Add checkbox under Delossifier to make Absolute Highs fix highs. - 4 hours
  • STX: Split high frequency tilt
  • BS412 bug: For Quality > 100, the compressors are off by a few dB (probably 1.5x or 2/3rds). - 1 day
  • How to synchronize HD?
  • Measure HifiBerry stereo separation -> Improved from 35 to 55 dB. Make RC work with Ignore high frequencies -> Later
  • Loudness project
  • Tom aan de Stegge remarks email 30 september 20:23 - change many defaults
  • Support rewindowing with different Quality/Size settings. Will give better HPF performance and make lower CPU load possible, and PPM patch points. - A few days
  • Linux command line version with AES67 input so output can be streamed - seems to be useful... Other options (run a script for the output) might be easier.
  • PhoneBooster make Pi version
  • MicroMPX needs exception handling, just in case.
  • WatchCat replace files instead of placing them elsewhere. For playout systems.
  • WatchCat add CMD /C
  • Input and output gain for command line version (like for sound card)
  • Sooth effect
  • Installer: Make installer aware of programs like MediaMonkey, AIMP, .....
  • Declipper handle resampled audio better (upsample, find oversampling spikes, then detect based on what remains) - 2-3 days
  • Console version: Read sample rate and bit size from WAV header - 1 day)

Latest version - Beta 992-072 (October 14 2022)

Replace version number by 072

  • Reduced new web interface further (now only 422 kB remaining, in version 9.91 it was 3 MB)
  • MicroMPX decoder: Fixed handling of noise in RDS which could cause a crash
  • MicroMPX encoder: Improved detection of noise in the RDS frequency range vs a valid RDS signal
  • Optimized XCODEPATH_SSE2 for NEON (not yet finished)
Latest version - Beta 992-070 (October 12 2022)

Replace version number by 070

  • New web interface: Fixed bug in server communication that could cause old values to be restored, this probably also reduced the communication a bit.
  • New web interface: Removed UTF-8 conversion that the native GUI doesn't support anyway and made the network traffic 200 kB bigger (20% of the total)
  • Small fixes to allow new GUI build without GUI (yes that makes no sense - it does to us)
  • Added Linux 64 bit Intel/AMD build with no X11 dependencies for a specific customer
  • Password protection: Removed "Account" field in native GUI if "Only for web interface" is enabled.
  • Old GUI VST white screen in Adobe Audition reported by Ted Alexander solved. May cause issues if you update from an earlier beta since 029.
Latest version - Beta 992-068 (October 9 2022)

Replace version number by 068

  • VST old GUI plugin screen size was too small, since a few weeks ago.
Latest version - Beta 992-067 (October 8 2022)

Replace version number by 067

  • New web interface editing text fields fails
  • CMD pipe close issue
  • CMD ID tags at start issue
  • AGC window causes offset
  • Added web interface about pages for PiMP, STudio, ST-Enterprise
Latest version - Beta 992-066 (October 7 2022)

Replace version number by 066

  • Cleaned up MicroMPX SDK example code, and added comments
  • MicroMPX closing code was broken, occasionally caused hangups.
  • Created initial version of MultiVoc 50 instances Voice Processor
  • Old web interface: Decimal and hexadecimal values caused errors, which made everything unresponsive. We're now just ignoring those.
  • New GUI: Tom's VST2 GUI fixes
  • New GUI: DSP plugin: Added workaround so it works in RadioBOSS. We still prefer a fix from them instead, because we're now doing things that according to the Windows documentation isn't really allowed.
Latest version - Beta 992-065 (October 6 2022)

Replace version number by 065

  • Disabled setting of RT A/B flag when using multi-line RT string inside the software.
  • Left bar of stereo level meters didn't turn red on overshoots.
  • MB2 top bar new GUI/web interface on/off state was sometimes wrong
  • PiMP meters in top bar are now stereo
  • Channel Delay settings were not saved correctly
  • Presets files were saved unordered since a few betas ago, making them unreadable
  • Check old web interface presets selection -> Seems fine?
Latest version - Beta 992-064 (October 5 2022)

Replace version number by 064

  • Optimized tilt correction code (CPU usage should be slightly lower)
  • MicroMPX library: Make separate tilt call
  • RDS: AF A/B lists via UECP were broken! We didn't send the number-of-elements value, which also shifted everything which broke AF method B behavior
  • RDS: Changed UECP RT A/B toggle flag behavior; we're now following what the UECP encoder says instead of toggling on every change.
Latest version - Beta 992-063 (October 4 2022)

Replace version number by 063

  • Mathijs: Mac settings saved under .rc.rc
  • License script needs to be able to handle short names and crashes.
  • Old GUI could draw outside of memory, causing crashes.
Latest version - Beta 992-062 (October 1 2022)

Replace version number by 062

  • Compressor, Natural Dynamics, AGC, Auto EQ, Sub Bass Boost were broken after PiMP performance improvements! They loaded fine on startup, but changing settings could cause very strange behavior.
  • Compressor and AGC window behavior has always been broken if combined with dynamic attack/release speeds. Fixed, and added a Legacy mode setting.
  • Reduce SD card image size
  • MicroMPX AM reprocessor added - this is a bad idea but it works well enough for certain situations; see post elsewhere
  • Bug fix: "Force Stokkemask even if not using composite clipping" has been completely broken since version 9.50 (right channel went to silence all the time).
Latest version - Beta 992-061 (September 29 2022)

Replace version number by 061

  • Added Nielsen PPM watermarking to ST-Enterprise.
  • MicroMPX decoder memory usage reduced by around 350 MB (risky change)
  • Added MicroMPX GPS to registered features view
  • Finished PiMP
  • Finished STudio; latency increased to 4.8 ms
  • Old web interface is broken!
Latest version - Beta 992-060 (September 25 2022)

Replace version number by 060

  • Performance optimizations that mainly affect for extreme low latency modes. Changes made in parameter handling for AGC, Auto EQ, Natural Dynamics, all wideband and multiband Compressors. Slightly rewrote Multiband to handle parameter changes almost lock-free. Noise gate filter bands are slightly modified in PiMP/STudio; certain error logging is disabled for PiMP/STudio.
  • CPU settings bug: Some (even default!) settings could break the CPU settings, this affected among others the behavior of PiMP/STudio
  • ASIO and Jack: Extreme low latency must be compensated a bit less, to prevent big overshoots.
Latest version - Beta 992-058 (September 23 2022)

(Just copy links from elsewhere and replace the version number by 058)

  • New product: STudio low latency studio monitoring!
  • PiMP/STudio: Limit maximum latency, to 512 for STudio.
  • PiMP/STudio: Lower minimum latency (64)!
  • Linux builds (Stereo Tool + MicroMPX): Added "Nice" support, changed priority settings to run glitch-free on real-time Linux versions at extremely low latencies.
  • New preset builds did not load any Repair presets by default! Now they do.
  • ASIO: Extreme low latency glitch protection could be improved further.
  • Linux: Jack: Implemented same low latency glitch protection as in ASIO.
  • Bug fix: Spectrum widget was broken in web interface
  • Web interface communication redesigned!
  • Performance: Set thread priorties only once
  • Bug fix: Builds without Low Latency output (PiMP, STudio) were waiting for low latency outputs, causing long waits and timeouts.
  • PiMP/STudio: Slowed down web interface replies to avoid audio glitches caused by network traffic.
  • STXtreme: Adapted code to work on new hardware (due to hardware shortages we had to replace some things).
Latest version - Beta 992-050 (September 2 2022)

  • ABE build made equal to normal build as much as possible
  • ABE build login/password enabled
  • Add MicroMPX to command line builds - Linux
  • CreateLineIfNeeded needs to set defaults!
Latest version - Beta 992-048 (August 30 2022)

  • Fixed CPU affinity issue when using ST certain audio players (at least Winamp)
  • MicroMPX decoder: Simplified (and hopefully improved) code that calculates where to read/write in the buffer. Buffer fillings seem to be more stable on startup now. Waiting for feedback to see if this doesn't cause any bugs...
  • MicroMPX decoder: Priories and smooth switching between ports added.
  • Add MicroMPX to command line builds - Windows
Latest version - Beta 992-047 (August 26 2022)

  • Delete preset in new web interface looks bad
  • PhoneBooster: Fixed crash on select preset + updated window layout.
  • Made sending "user account" passwords safer (still disabled in current builds).
  • Check sometimes different output from self test - Not seen in a long time, ignore.
  • MicroMPX: Multiple input ports finally enabled (code is from 2020 but as not yet available in the GUI). This is a prerequisite for other changes (smooth switching between streams, among others).
Latest version - Beta 992-044 (August 21 2022)

Use one of the other links and replace the version number by 992-044

  • Pi programs: Auto-select HifiBerry sound card as default
  • STAMP: Show and enable FM output instead of Normal output
Latest version - Beta 992-043 (August 19 2022)

  • (Use one of the other uploads and replace the version number by 992-043)

  • MicroMPX encoder library: Added "is_recovery_packet" boolean to MicroMPX packet encoded callback.
  • Added STAMP
  • Added matching of product names in available programs pulldown for Pi
  • Fixed some uninitialized variables found with Valgrind
  • Sped up Raspberry Pi build. Should have no effect on the resulting files.
Latest version - Beta 992-042 (August 18 2022)

Replace version number in links by 992-042.

  • DavidIO: st->StopInstance: Model.destroy removes Common while sound cards are are still running, causing aes67_write to access affinities -> No, multiple instances were giving their affinity pointer to SCDeviceBase. LiveWire was the only thing using it.
  • STXtreme front panel IP addresses too wide - Added Compactness setting that makes the GUI fit better on small screens without reducing font size. Also available for non-STXtreme new GUI.
  • New GUI bug fix: Editable state of text fields was not communicated to the new GUI
  • SAM still crashes on first load; add extra logging. -> Setting the window title during closing caused deadlock.
Latest version - Beta 992-041 (August 17 2022)

Replace version number by 041

  • PiMP uses wrong web interface port
  • Some more SAM startup issues solved, no more memory leaks or asserts or weird behavior remaining on our end...
Latest version - Beta 992-040 (August 13 2022)

  • New GUI help scrolling bug
  • STX AES67 NIC selection is wrong - Fixed (multi-instance only)
  • STX AES67 & MicroMPX NIC detection on network changes, netTools must be called
  • Check buffer repeats if switching from stereo to mono files in DSP plugin -> No repeats, but some of the stereo enhancers were still enabled and could cause weird effects.
  • Finish PiMP/STAMP/Stereo Tool Pi software updates
  • Delete preset in new web interface doesn't work
  • Crash Winamp NEW_GUI version in SAM Pro - SAM creates instance twice and some removed things were still being accessed the 2nd time.
  • Winamp affinity asserts in SAM (maybe SAM overwrites them?) - Impossible to test due to SAM crack protection
  • Finish Pi installer packets
  • Command line version: --quiet option causes weird unexpected end of file error (email Stefan de K, 2022-08-10 12:22)
  • Fixed possible crash in interaction between web interface and new native interface.
  • Fixed PiMP interface and low latency settings
  • Make "big" Pi installer
Latest version - Beta 992-035 (August 7 2022)

  • Compressors: Progressive Ratio: Added start ratio
  • Speech detection: Also link MB band 1 to band 2.
  • New GU can now display help info (right click for the context menu that includes "What is this?")
  • New GUI: Slider text editing doesn't close when you select another slider.
  • DSP NEW_GUI release build from last night crashes [Hans]
  • VST NEW_GUI re-opening GUI fails [T+H]
  • VST NEW_GUI weird full-screen workaround and restore old GUI behavior - Added size sliders instead
  • STXtreme; +/- buttons?
  • ST-Enterprise: Add check that licenses are different
  • ST-Enterprise: Nielsen disclaimer in installer
  • Web interface: If a button to open a popup is inside a menu that has hidden advanced settings (not opened), then you can't open anything inside the popup.
  • Web interface: Off-by-one in waveforms canvas size (Workaround pushed)
  • Web interface: PEQ drawing fails - fixed - now also releasing mouse
  • GPS report in Stereo Tool: 153600 -> 192000
  • MicroMPX: Pi image: Same software updating mechanism as in STX
  • MicroMPX: Pi image: Select HifiBerry sound card type added.
Latest version - Beta 992-031 (July 30 2022)

  • STXtreme multi-instance: You cannot create more instances than the hardware can handle anymore.
  • STXtreme AES67 detection was being skipped because it looked at the wrong network port.
  • ST-Enterprise: Fix license types (basically just show 2)
  • Fixed VST (and Winamp) NEW_GUI web interfaces.
Latest version - Beta 992-030 (July 29 2022)

(See other versions and replace version number in the links)

  • STXtreme multi-instance/ST-Enterprise: Synchronization between input and outputs was sometimes checking the wrong channel, causing it to be bypassed, causing buffer over/underruns after some time
  • STXtreme multi-instance: Hardware watchdog was also warning/rebooting on unreliable input data (if the buffer is nearly, but not completely, empty), which isn't a hardware issue.
  • STXtreme: Hardware watchdog would occasionally (once every few months) warn about clock speed differences due to a bug in the measurement.
  • STXtreme multi-instance/ST-Enterprise: AES67 input CPU core affinity bug fixed.
  • ST-Enterprise: Bug when starting one application as we close the other.
Latest version - Beta 992-029 (July 28 2022)

  • (Use one of the other version and replace the URL with BETA992-029)

  • MicroMPX: Cleaned up file descriptor leaks on close
  • Updated Bandpass frequency display, added status line
  • STXtreme: Block low latency outputs when using multiple instances (for 6 cores)
Latest version - Beta 992-026 (July 24 2022)

  • STXtreme: Added licensing for extra instances
  • ST-Enterprise: Streaming input reconnects now on errors.
  • ST-Enterprise Nielsen PPM: Added status display and added delay to showing error popup on wrong settings. NOT YET DOWNLOADABLE
  • ST-Enterprise Nielsen PPM: Hex entry field can also be empty, and making it empty sets it to empty. NOT YET DOWNLOADABLE
  • ST-Enterprise Nielsen PPM: Moved AM stereo-to-mono conversion to before PPM encoding, pre-emphasis afterwards. NOT YET DOWNLOADABLE
  • New I/O layer (ST-Enterprise): Rewrote how different error levels work, much more logical and should work better.
  • Made reset target button available on HTTP interface for test automation.
  • Fixed some CPU affinity errors in plugin versions.

THE REST OF THE HISTORY CAN BE FOUND A FEW POSTS DOWN - this post was getting longer than 60000 bytes

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Latest version - Beta 011 (May 26 2022)
I just noticed something else in connection with the current AGC, and I wanted to ask if that could be changed. Namely, if you use a 2-band AGC, there is the possibility to couple the bands with certain db spacing. Minimum is 0 (far left) and maximum is 24 db. What I'm missing now in this context is that I don't want to couple the bass band to the main band at all, similar to what Orban does with the Optimod. Would it be possible to turn this coupling off completely? If I set it to 0 currently - who is surprised - then both bands do the same. But there is no classic "off" here, like the Optimod allows, no matter if it's all the way left or all the way right.

I have attached a picture from the Optimod manual where you can see the possible options. It would be really desirable if you could set this here too.

File comment: Here are the possible settings of the bass coupling from the Optimod 8600 manual.
optimod_agc.png [ 21.17 KiB | Viewed 15085 times ]
PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2022 10:22 pm 
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9.91 beta 011 64 bit stand alone.
reported as 9.90 and GUI error.

PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2022 4:43 pm 
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(The first post is getting too long - here's the remainder of the version history)

Latest version - Beta 992-022 (July 17 2022)

  • (Use one of the other uploads and replace the version number by 992-022)

  • ST-Enterprise/STXtreme bug fix: Input error state recovery didn't work (it's still not always working).
  • ST-Enterprise: Added built-in output streaming
  • ST-Enterprise: Added VLC output streaming
  • ST-Enterprise: Added VLC input streaming
  • Crash in BETA019 Winamp plugin solved.
Latest version - Beta 992-019 (July 12 2022)

  • STXtreme: More logical selection of Input 2 sound card (left/right together for Backup or Add mode, still left/right separately otherwise)
  • Enterprise: Replace license for instances > 1 by just 2 items, plus show anything that's missing in rare cases. Will be done for instance 1 as well, later.
  • Command line: Added -w option to enable web interface. Example: stereo_tool_cmd - - -w 8081
  • Manually fill in values: Tilt = 0 crashes, div by 0
  • New GUI/STX: Right click (STX: hold long) opens context menu, which now includes manual value entry.
  • Linux Jack version crash solved
  • Default sound card wasn't set in previous few beta's
Latest version - Beta 992-017 (July 8 2022)

  • (Use one of the other uploads and replace the version number by 992-017)

  • Mac "Apple silicon" M1 native version!
  • Mac version: Added option to select channels on sound cards with more than 2 channels, such as MADI sound cards.
  • ASIO new I/O layer: Sometimes I can open the same ASIO output channels multiple times, error check fails
  • High CPU usage in Absolute Highs after switching to latency 128, then back to 4096
  • Enterprise: Check for "Microsoft Sound Mapper" as default device only works on English language Windows, now just assuming that the first device is that.
  • Enterprise/STX Multi-instance: AES67 input didn't work directly after startup, device validity check was wrong.
  • Enterprise/STX Multi-instance: AES67 input bug fix, could get in infinite loop/read outside of memory (not sure if that could really happen).
  • Enterprise/STX Multi-instance: Using Input 2 for BIMP, RDS, SCA1/2 didn't work (channels were swapped).
  • Enterprise/STX Multi-instance: Solved several potential priority inversion issues, and possible situation where we might never reach certain code if the CPU load is very high.
  • Enterprise/STX Multi-instance: ASIO bug fix: Code that protected against glitches could actually make them worse, now it works as intended.
  • Enterprise/STX Multi-instance: In certain situations, Input 2 audio was overwriting input 1 instead of being read separately
  • STX Multi-instance: Opening all I/O at startup to prevent restarting everything on I/O changes.
  • STX Multi-instance: Rewrote CPU affinity and priority behavior to support multiple instances, and spread available CPU power between them.
  • STX Multi-instance: Increased latency in very low latency modes by 0.5 ms to avoid audio gliches.
  • STX: Triggering watchdog during software updates to prevent reboots if there's an error that the update is supposed to solve.
  • CPU usage: Only setting affinity on changes, because setting it was heavy.
  • CPU usage: Made some atomic things non-atomic, added checks to verify that nothing breaks.
  • New GUI: Zoom factor moves with steps of 5%
  • Input 2 standard usage changed: Now by default used for backup instead of BIMP.
Latest version - Beta 992-014 (June 24 2022)

  • Mac/Linux: Check if sound cards are the same (to determine whether synchronization is neeed) did not work. Fixed in Enterprise version only for now.
  • Enterprise version: Some of the synchronization settings for input sound card were missing.
  • Fixed pipes (white bars) in old GUI, that were introduced in 9.91.
  • Nielsen watermarking: Memory leak.
  • Fixed preset upload in modern web interface in ABE build.
  • Added M1 build (doesn't seem to pass audio yet, and shows some warnings, and WatchCat does not yet compile).
Latest version - Beta 992-008/009 (June 17/18 2022)

  • NEW_GUI: Linux window handling fixed
  • Bass EQ output could be filtered incorrectly, removing part of its effect. The fix may very slightly effect any preset using Bass EQ (we expect the change to always be an improvement).
  • Wasapi sound cards did not work in Enterprise!
  • Some meters were upside-down in the previous beta's, that should all be fixed now (I hope).
  • Reduced GUI CPU usage slighly (both old and new).
  • Bug fix: Sometimes Load/Save/Reset buttons didn't show a window after starting, until you changed to a different page.

Latest version - Beta 992-006 (June 15 2022)

  • Added cutoff frequency for pre-emphasized multiband compression to avoid highs > 15 kHz to have a massive impact.
  • Some meters were still broken (drawing from the wrong side) in BETA005.

Latest version - Beta 015/016 (June 3 2022)

  • Added ITU1770 meter for immediate and 3 seconds (10 and 30 are visible in the old GUI, but not in the meter bar of the new GUI).
  • Moving between monitors with different DPI sizes acts up
  • Bug fix: Linux save dialog code could write 1 character outside of allocated memory
  • Fixed meters that were broken in BETA014 (upside down, missing texts, wrong scale display)
  • Opening a new web interface could cause things to be restarted unnecessarily, fixed.
  • Fixed percentage displays in CPU meters (BETA016)
Latest version - Beta 014 (June 2 2022)

  • Exception shown in SPL with mismatch in streaming DLLs with streaming disabled: ... &ref=notif -> No, only occurs when streaming is enabled, which is the expected behavior.
  • Loading built-in presets could crash (in BETA013), fixed.
  • ITU1770 meter wasn't displayed properly (didn't listen to the correct settings).
  • Some small GUI fixes (posted in this forum).
  • Window title wasn't correctly updated on startup, version number and registration info were missing.
  • Merged macOS AU plugin code (not yet working, but it's a code change).
Latest version - Beta 011 (May 26 2022)

  • WatchCat license issue solved (Stereo Tool license was not always accepted in 9.90 build).
  • MicroMPX name/description field for each encoder/decoder
  • MicroMPX return time stamps in ENCODER library
  • MicroMPX+ builds (library)
  • Fixed trigonometry bug in optimized demodulator in MicroMPX decoder library
  • NEW GUI Windows/Linux beta's!!!
  • Linux Enterprise build added
  • MacOS Enterprise build added
  • Plugin versions: In version 9.90, accidentally an input sound card was opened.
  • Bug fix: Bass Exciter didn't work correctly with Delossifier enabled.

Latest version - Beta 011 (May 26 2022)
I just noticed something else in connection with the current AGC, and I wanted to ask if that could be changed. Namely, if you use a 2-band AGC, there is the possibility to couple the bands with certain db spacing. Minimum is 0 (far left) and maximum is 24 db. What I'm missing now in this context is that I don't want to couple the bass band to the main band at all, similar to what Orban does with the Optimod. Would it be possible to turn this coupling off completely? If I set it to 0 currently - who is surprised - then both bands do the same. But there is no classic "off" here, like the Optimod allows, no matter if it's all the way left or all the way right.

I have attached a picture from the Optimod manual where you can see the possible options. It would be really desirable if you could set this here too.
Hi, changing that does make sense - but does it EVER happen that you have a more than 24 dB difference between those bands??

PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2022 1:09 am 
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Links fixed. Also, BETA013 is posted now.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2022 1:51 am 

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Selecting a random preset in the default built-in preset list brings this error (while also not loading most of the preset), see screenshot for error.

Using the Winamp DSP 32-bit version.

Screenshot_3407.png [ 9.27 KiB | Viewed 14639 times ]
PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2022 10:06 am 
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Selecting a random preset in the default built-in preset list brings this error (while also not loading most of the preset), see screenshot for error.

Using the Winamp DSP 32-bit version.
Whoops. Found it. I removed the ITU1770 measure setting, but that was also being accessed in some presets. New beta tonight :)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2022 10:30 am 
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sorry Hans, display issue partially fixed, beta 13, x64, stand alone, windows x64, 1920x1080.
not a big deal to me, just letting you know about it.
also, title bar reports v.9.90 but its actually v.9.91.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2022 5:45 pm 

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Visual glitch in main screen for ITU 1770 the bar extends over Auto EQ header. This is DSP 9.91 b13 on W10 running in Station Playlist. Moving and resizing window has no effect.

Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 9.39.57 AM.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 9.39.57 AM.jpg [ 223.39 KiB | Viewed 14508 times ]

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