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 Post subject: Stereo Tool 9.38 BETA
PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 10:03 am 
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Latest version - Beta 048 (March 12 2020)

Biggest audio improvement in this version: All analog compressors, and the AGC, now have support for dynamic attack and release speeds! In the new mode, it dynamically adjusts the speeds, and works fast when it needs to and slowly when it can. Which was already the idea behind water pressure but this takes it to a much higher level. This results in a lot less audible compressor actions - how fast the compressors move now depends mainly on how dynamic the content is. Note: Don't use too high values, range 2-3 seems to be pretty safe.

Also, all RMS based compressors, Peak mode (not Symmetric Peak) and the AGC now have a setting that makes attack act faster. Until now, it always took some time for attack to start moving, which had several bad effects. The new setting "Start attack immediately" solves this. In most cases you can probably just set it to 100% on all your presets, but if you're using Peak mode (again, not Symmetric Peak), the effect is HUGE and you'll have to rework your attack settings.

  • STX final glitch Testing, changed process priority setting
  • PDcWave display broken / does not update?
  • Wes' preset update
  • STX: Test prio's

  • Update Wes' preset
  • STX: Adjust ranges of band mix, output level etc to max 6 dB. Say -3 to +3 dB. For other settings check ranges in existing presets, also for attack/release speeds etc.
  • STX: Lock CPU usage (should be easy), and maybe also latency?
  • "No heavy CPU processing": Change the behavior to a step lower for Peak mode in "sane" mode.
  • Declipper GUI bugs
  • Low latency half-HQ mode?
  • PhoneBooster improvement. Add maximum.
  • Reduce CPU load as tried at IBC, at least for STX
  • PhoneBooster add auto EQ/compressors?
  • PhoneBooster: Fix AGC display (right 2 bars need to disappear)
  • PhoneBooster: Add new settings
  • "Ignore high frequencies" does not work properly anymore for streaming presets
  • Pi version MicroMPX build (Model)
  • Pi version Stereo Tool crashes
  • PhoneBooster: Add presets, and standard neutral preset
  • PhoneBooster: Why is singleband compression invisible?
  • STX reboot/update buttons on extra page
  • STX fix crashes etc
  • Wrong icon shown in executable
  • STX: Make front panel PJSON file
  • STX: Make front screen interface
  • MicroMPX on Pi: libsndfile does not work on our image? - Fixed, but needs to be tested
  • RMS-based limiter in band 4 affects band linking to band 5
  • Red flashing in Ignore high frequencies mode -> Increased SetSensitive from 2% to 2.5%.
  • STX debug settings page
  • PhoneBooster: Fix start bar SST icon Mathijs
  • STX webinterface make latency settings easier, maybe add latency? And add screen sleep time setting. Verify that latency can be set properly, and change texts (4x per day is NOT true anymore)
  • STX add warning if latency is too low
  • PhoneBooster: License
  • PhoneBooster: Fix tray icon
  • Check changing of un-editable settings from Server.cpp (compares values and triggers a repaint with wrong values in native GUI)
  • STX buffer size displays
  • New bass idea
  • Boogaard
  • Reported streaming crash both VLC and Internal?
  • More instances
  • Bugs in viewtopic.php?p=62120&sid=ad4e5c8a0080f ... 740#p62120
  • STX: Verify high frequency tilt behavior
  • VST3 new NAN issue - waiting for CPU info (doesn't happen here).
  • Subsidie, pensioen, bonus
  • pc
  • Website
  • Russian/Bulgarian translations don't work on 4K displays!
  • STX: Create built-in presets. Initial set added
  • Put Declipper presets in ST. Selecting one with "APPLY" overrules all existing settings.
  • Linux Jack 64 9.37 on Debian 9, stereotool shows once in main cable connector twice in the "patch pannel" is this intended behaviour? If so what is the difference?
  • Improve Advanced Limiter shape (Bojcha)
  • BS412 bug: For Quality > 100, the compressors are off by a few dB (probably 1.5x or 2/3rds).
  • Classical music preset THU
  • How to synchronize HD? THU
  • Test Framework? BUSY
  • Try immediate release combined with release hold?
  • Measure HifiBerry stereo separation -> Improved from 35 to 55 dB. Make RC work with Ignore high frequencies -> Later
  • AGC classical music settings
  • Loudness project
  • Complaint: All (Normal, LL) outputs in Linux go to FM
  • Tom aan de Stegge remarks email 30 september 20:23 - change many defaults
  • Support rewindowing with different Quality/Size settings. Will give better HPF performance and make lower CPU load possible, and PPM patch points.
  • Linux command line version with AES67 input so output can be streamed - seems to be useful... Other options (run a script for the output) might be easier.
  • Finish 9 - final uMPX file name issue -> In next 9 update.
  • Figure out how to display NMEA/pulse status in GUI. -> Waveform and jitter-view for pulse detection in detail view, GPS in stream, NMEA data, NMEA readable, Pulse detected flags.
  • PhoneBooster make multi-threaded if needed (it probably is, esp. for Pi)
  • PhoneBooster make Pi version
  • Add something to get now playing content from file (but: first figure out how, could be via a separate program or something).
  • Streaming output can hang - calls probably need to be moved to a separate thread. ???
  • MicroMPX needs exception handling, just in case.
  • WatchCat replace files instead of placing them elsewhere. For playout systems.
  • WatchCat add CMD /C
  • Thimeo School
  • ABDP remove stuff that's no longer needed? BUSY for low CPU
  • Optimize ABDP
  • Input and output gain for command line version (like for sound card)
  • Dynamic adjustment of priorities
  • Sooth effect
  • Crash ProppFrexx
  • Update Omnia.SST presets
  • AES67: Add WheatNet
  • Create file when input fails
  • Installer: Make installer aware of programs like MediaMonkey, AIMP, .....
  • HD delay
  • Document JSON interface
  • Documentation: "Processing" page contains all kinds of BS412 info - why?
  • Declipper L/R noise
  • Declipper handle resampled audio better (upsample, find oversampling spikes, then detect based on what remains)
  • Console version: Read sample rate and bit size from WAV header
  • # bands selections should allow option to insert a band instead. Or ask what to do when you change it.
  • AES67 thread affinities and priorities
  • Add resampler

Latest version - Beta 047 (March 11 2020)

  • Progressive mode in 046 kinda broke Peak mode and certain presets, so make a pulldown menu: Standard, Progressive, Progressive for maximum speed only
  • STX: Added save before reboot
  • STX: Saving of selected minimum latency
  • STX: Hardware watchdog: Notify of sample rate changes
  • MicroMPX CortexA9 library
Latest version - Beta 045 (March 7 2020)

  • Composite clipper highs issue - "Highest highs vs lower highs" slider is far more effective than before.
  • Non-composite clipper highs handling - same as for composite
  • Problem with compressor dynamic speed levels when switching between presets solved
  • Switching presets with extreme values for fast/slow dynamic speed thresholds seems to act up.
  • Update presets Wes, DCM, Matt, Forum
  • RC on/off was ignored in uMPX decoder
  • Fix µ in µs for RC in MicroMPX web gui
  • Dynamic speeds meter issue
  • Wes' progressive release added, still for testing only...
  • STX: Re-test sample rate settings without BEAST - Startup path was wrong in STX_Starter, fixed
  • Check switching to GP preset causes silence - doesn't happen anymore
Latest version - Beta 041 (March 1 2020)

  • Web interface broken in last few beta's
  • GATE seems to be broken on compressors when using dynamic speeds. See description Wes
  • Fixed MicroMPX scope displays - put stuff in PWAVE
  • STX: Call setCPUAffinity in uMPX from somewhere
  • STX: Find remaining tasks to disable
  • STX: make final disk image
  • Figure out correct speed displays for max speed settings in compressors -> Is correct
Latest version - Beta 040 (Feb 27 2020)

  • AGC: Added release hold. Useful to avoid too high levels for drum solos etc.
  • Bug fix: Streaming/Normal output was pre-emphasized when MicroMPX was used without turning FM sound card on.
  • Clipper: Even harmonics enabled by default, since it always seems to sound better.
  • Clipper: Bass protection maximum stages set to 2. Has smaller effect on bass levels with nearly full IMD protection.
  • Made distinction forced/preferred thread CPU core affinity, for better low latency behavior.
  • Reviewed STX startup code. Done and changes applied.
  • STX: Figure out cause of remaining web gui glitches
  • STX: Affinity: Set non-forced mode for most STX things (not GUI and server though).
  • STX: Verify watchdog checks, especially for webserver
  • STX: Added watchdog crash handlers
  • STX: Fix upload update via USB
  • STX: Re-check calculation of latency - was OK
  • Omnia.SST: Use STX GUI for now.
  • Verified that new bass and new highs handling in clipper is indeed better.
  • Check new DCM preset
Latest version - Beta 038 (Feb 18 2020)

  • "The level meters of the (legacy) post agc compressor are no longer shown."
  • DSP plugin opens streaming DLLs even if not used?
  • Solved 2 bugs in AGC Sudden Jump Protection mode. One made it act more aggressive, the other less aggressive...
  • Verify that old presets still sound the same as in 9.37, including one from Bojcha with Legacy AGC.
  • Check reports that some filters sound different than before (in this thread) Done, should be ok now
  • "Any chance the scheduler bug will get some love? Currently, I have to manually massage my system after any restart to encourage the scheduler to engage. When the scheduler hasn't started, my stream fails to report title/artist information, putting my station out of compliance for licensing." - There was an off-by-one error causing the 1st element to fail. I think that's it, it seems to work fine here now.
  • STX: "Handle_button" not always called
  • STX: Glitch when zooming out in waveform which allocates memory - pre-allocate?
  • STX: Added monitor sleep mode
  • STX: Create good default settings, remove things like "None" for ASIO out etc, disable disabling FM out, ... (nothing may break if you load a bad preset)
  • Decide whether or not to put Attack Immediately in all compressors (BIMP) or just leave it at 100% there - 100% is probably better so leave that.
Latest version - Beta 036 (Feb 15 2020)

  • Changed default preset to Dutch Chocolate Moose (test!)
  • GUI: Improved synchronizing of waveform display
  • GUI: Waveform display: Glitch on 0-crossing of buffer
  • Added "Legacy attack" mode to Auto EQ and Bass EQ. Non-legacy mode probably sounds better but might require recalibration. (Last few beta's were already non-legacy mode!)
  • BS412 bug fix: Quality > 100 red line was jagged and sometimes dropped to 0.
  • Phase ignoring stereo widener
  • STX: Add CPU load page
  • STX: Headphone display for hear
  • STX: No disable waveform display
  • STX: Always open Noise Gate
  • STX: Return error (not 200) if file upload fails
  • STX: Make up a preset name if it doesn't have one.
  • STX: Clean update extract directory
  • STX: Check all USB sticks in the system for updates
  • STX: Web interface: Add Upload preset
  • STX: Change folder structure, 1 for software (can always be wiped), 1 for settings/logs
  • STX: Make logging accessible
  • STX: Display install directory number, uptime
  • STX: Fix .zip file uploading extra bytes - was caused by extra \r \n before closing line
  • STX: Web interface: Fix #
  • STX: Web interface: Make export preset function, with same enum values as LOAD
  • STX: Add missing pages
Latest version - Beta 032 (Feb 6 2020)

  • Bass Clipper: Added extra hard clipping stage to handle overshoots from "Extra Softness"
  • Check bass issue Matt - wooh, very bad right now indeed - using FEWER bass stages might sound way better - Half-way fixed but 1 or 2 stages should sound the same and does not...
  • Add even harmonics to Advanced Clipper
  • Added IceCast support to Winamp plugin
  • Bug fix: MicroMPX NIC selection did not work from within Stereo Tool (always used Automatic)
  • Webinterface: Websocket handling was broken in BETA024
  • STX: Fix websocket code in STX, then enable in Server.cpp
  • STX: MicroMPX network selection names on back
  • STX: Fix IP address checks
  • STX: Update driver
  • STX: Web interface: Add Upload update
  • STX: Web interface: Add open screen with action for network addresses (or just couple it to when they are requested? -> O ja, doe dat maar.
  • STX: Web interface: Hide Multiband1 in all views
  • STX: Web interface: Fix all non-STX pages so they work again
  • STX: Web interface: Fix all views of top bar for every target
  • STX license
  • STX: Use preset mechanism from SST, fix preset Author/Title etc saving
  • STX: PEQ add live metering
  • STX: Web interface: Add Download preset
Latest version - Beta 024 (Jan 17 2019)

  • VST3 plugin bug fix: NAN's in vMix solved! (Compiler bug)
  • Added "Start attack immediately" to compressors (all RMS, and non-symmetrical Peak mode) and AGC
  • Added "Start attack immediately" to AGC
  • PhoneBooster fix web interface and add all new stuff
  • Web interface: Improve websockets error handling
  • STX: Verify that auto-save works
  • STX Updater (web interface)
  • STX add Reboot button
  • STX image firewall, questions
  • STX: Overrule startup in STX_Starter
  • STX block ALT-F4. But make an escape.
  • STX Starter improve preset recovery mechanism - GOOD
  • Try AGC/compressor idea Mathijs - failed (but search did lead to Start attack immediately)

Latest version - Beta 015 (Dec 21 2019)

  • Streamer no longer uses threads (which apparently could cause reliability issues, in external software outside of our control)
  • MicroMPX backup player could get in a state where it wouldn't start playing.
  • STX Network setup
  • STX Updater (USB)
  • STX AES resampler
  • STX change IP
  • STX disable web GUI.
  • STX resamplers?
  • STX USB drive notification, dinges Center.
  • Figure out how to dynamically create new GUI structure BUSY
Latest version - Beta 012 (Dec 10 2019)

  • Add parameters for dynamic attack/release adjustment for slower and faster separately in MB's and compressors.
  • MicroMPX SFN/GPS license fixed (was always beeping)
  • Command line version on Windows big file (> 2 GB) issue fixed
  • Display issue with "Version 7.31 Attack compatibility" fixed, parameter removed completely (wasn't used anymore anyway).
  • Reset of parametric eq window fixed, plus some potential other issues with parameters (caused by update in BETA011).
Latest version - Beta 011 (Dec 7 2019)

  • Web server CPU load was 100% on Linux in previous beta (009)
  • Added streaming file polling for info (song name etc). - Done, might need to be moved to a separate thread but that's for later.
  • STX automatically adds itself to firewall
  • Fixed license beeps in MicroMPX in Stereo Tool with GPS license
  • Added AGC setting to go down faster on short bursts, which results in far less ducking due to loud vocals. Should behave more like Classic AGC mode. Results in less consistent audio, but it sounds better.
  • Add parameter type for dynamic attack/release adjustment for slower and faster separately.
  • Code change: Parameter code partially rewritten for new GUI.
  • Annoying SJ/CH sound protection (de-ch'er) -> No, can be fixed in preset.
  • Is 2-stage highs clipping better? (only in non-block heavy mode)
Latest version - Beta 009 (Nov 29 2019)

  • Web GUI MicroMPX didn't work in previous build
  • STX screen updates? Make smarter drawing
  • STX RC To be tested. Display is wrong. (But we can skip the input display in the GUI, then it's fine).
Latest version - Beta 008 (Nov 27 2019)

  • Improved band linking (more natural sounding) in AGC
  • Redesigned web server to be better able to handle large numbers of open connections that are waiting for HTTP GET requests.
  • Make STX Smart start & update tool (Log to file which one is starting, then start it. Check file to find issues, and always have an old backup version and settings available. So basically combinations of binary and known working settings.)
  • STX fix ASIO drawing at bigger block sizes
  • STX try drawing only part of lines when possible
Latest version - Beta 006 (Nov 22 2019)

  • Compressors with Dynamic speeds: Fixed Window (now also dynamic in size, with the configured size as average)
  • Improved Sudden Jump Protection a bit
  • "GPS lock" display in Stereo Tool and MicroMPX encoder didn't work. (Not completely correct yet, next build will be)
  • Finish MicroMPX web encoder interface
  • Finish PhoneBooster web interface
  • If still glitches, try setting and IMMEDIATELY resetting event.
  • ASIO glitch reporting is broken. Reports glitches when there can be none, I think. Which matches what I've seen before (no audible issues).
Latest version - Beta 004 (Nov 20 2019)

  • Clipper: Add sensitivity slope for highs filter. This gives more highs above 12 kHz, but a bit less below 8 kHz.
  • Clipper: Bass clipper under "highs" continued upto higher frequencies than the one that's set, possibly causing distortion in the lower mids.
  • Compressors (analog mode): Added dynamic attack/release speeds!
  • Declipper: Added protection against predicting too much, mainly needed for restoring optical sound tracks in old films.
  • Fixed bug in sound card self test that could report glitches that weren't there.
  • STX Watchdog, STX list of things to turn off, STX monitor out latency 4.5 ms, STX screen updates changed (tried writing partial lines - failed, but more options possible), created copy of most sound card settings to be able to calculate them automatically, and added those automatic calculations, added ASIO callback and measured output glitch counters in GUI, tested different Windows drawing methods
  • STX: Improved ASIO future samples prediction and added overlap to remove clicks when calculation isn't ready yet, to enable lower latencies (4.2 ms on Low Quality Low Latency output!)
  • PhoneBooster first public beta (now supports 44.1, different latencies, filter to reduce highest part of spectrum)
  • Make AGC new compressor mode instead of SJP
  • Web interface: Added Active field to a number of widgets, and button press doesn't happen more than once anymore when the connection is flaky.
  • MicroMPX GUI now partially generated from JSON files, JSON pre-compiler built for that.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 4:30 pm 

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It is placebo or does 9.38b4 sounding better than 9.37 even with my personal existing 9.37 presets? Either way, excellent beta release. Thanks Hans, project staff, preset contributors, and everyone else involved in the ST effort.

I have been using ST and PD to tweak my personal listening for years, mostly with headphones, so I am not really the target demo. Still dynamic speeds seem interesting even with me just poking the settings in AGC and SB. Any recommendation for a starting point, for example dynamic settings for the AGC with the baseline ST config?

BTW, while ST is on my mind, would it be worthwhile to roll an updated release of Perfect Declipper? I know there probably has not been massive changes in the PD code in recent times, but the PD site still is showing 3.01 from *2017*. ;)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 4:39 pm 
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Hi, it *should* sound exactly the same on your preset - I'll verify that soon to make sure we didn't break anything. As a starting point, mostly a "Dynamic speed" value of around 2-3 seems to work well. In the next build (probably tomorrow morning), we'll also have support for Window in the dynamic behavior.

Perfect Declipper: Yes, really high time. Especially since there are changes now (and possibly more coming soon - but I really need to release a new version of it together with the next Stereo Tool build.)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 6:43 pm 
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I just realized - you might be hearing the clipper improvements. The default values are different from the old version because they sound more natural. Should be mainly noticeable on FM: More sparkle in the highest part of the highs.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:02 pm 
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- Skin always at default.
- Dynamic thing: After short burst is kinda ok, after longer burst release is waaaaay slow. Release needs to constantly chase target.

control point

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:53 pm 
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Joined: Mon Mar 17, 2008 1:40 am
Posts: 9989
- Skin always at default.
- Dynamic thing: After short burst is kinda ok, after longer burst release is waaaaay slow. Release needs to constantly chase target.
O! I apparently accidentally made it not save the skin anymore. Fixed (but not yet in the next build, since that was already compiling).
Dynamic thing: This setting allows moving faster or slower from the speed that you set. So you may need to change your base setting. We mainly noticed that we have to set our attacks slower. If your release is already very slow you might need to set it faster.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 10:54 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 17, 2009 2:56 pm
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- Skin always at default.
- Dynamic thing: After short burst is kinda ok, after longer burst release is waaaaay slow. Release needs to constantly chase target.
O! I apparently accidentally made it not save the skin anymore. Fixed (but not yet in the next build, since that was already compiling).
Dynamic thing: This setting allows moving faster or slower from the speed that you set. So you may need to change your base setting. We mainly noticed that we have to set our attacks slower. If your release is already very slow you might need to set it faster.
Depend what is goal. I see faster attacks with faster release on short bursts, but generally release is not comming back to target on constant sounds. So slower attack does not help with that.
I am still thinking on that thing with auto-release. That's probably not it. Almost everything is always about release.

control point

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 11:02 pm 

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incorrect version or download "64" "32", in beta 8 and 10.
installing them he writes ..ver 9.36-xx

Beta 04 ...ok.

3.png [ 136.17 KiB | Viewed 17384 times ]
PostPosted: Thu Nov 21, 2019 4:49 pm 

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i think the idea of adding a dynamic attack/release to the AGC is actually a very good thing, especially for cinematic content.
AGC is foremost important with ST, if the AGC is not correctly configured, the bad effects are passed through the rest of the processing chain after the AGC.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 21, 2019 7:59 pm 

Joined: Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:16 pm
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a few bugs discovered for 9.38 BETA004 64bit stand alone.

using white noise as a source, the slider for "highest vs lowest highs priority" (red arrow to indicate) does not appear to have any observable effect on spectrum display and by ear with headphones - also tested with several upper audio sinewave frequencies between 5Khz and 15Khz, 8Khz+15Khz, 5Khz+10Khz, white noise+(sinewave 5Khz-15Khz frequencies), etc.

blank space on the right (red circle to indicate) - MB1 compressor type = digital

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