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Author:  hvz [ Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Stereo Tool 9.00

I have just uploaded the 017 ARM versies (Raspberry Pi etc). See the post above.

Author:  Cornemuse [ Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Stereo Tool 9.00

Hello Hans,
The files httpx:// ... 02-015.exe and httpx:// ... 02-017.exe have the same checksum :)

Author:  \_/ [ Sat Jul 21, 2018 11:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Stereo Tool 9.00

It's not only those two files being identical.

Author:  hvz [ Sat Jul 21, 2018 1:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Stereo Tool 9.00

Ow :(

Rebuilding now. Something went wrong.

Author:  hvz [ Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Stereo Tool 9.00

Stereo Tool 9.02 BETA018

1. Not only Stereo Tool, but also the MicroMPX encoder that's now built into this Stereo Tool build is a beta version.

Windows 32 bit:
Windows stand alone: ... 02-018.exe
Winamp DSP: ... 02-018.exe
VST: ... 02-018.dll
MicroMPX web based decoder: ... 02-018.exe
MicroMPX web based encoder: ... 02-018.exe
MicroMPX command line enc/dec: ... 02-018.exe
libsndfile-1.dll (needed for MicroMPX decoder and command line version, place in same directory): MicroMPX command line enc/dec:

Windows 64 bit:
Windows stand alone: BUILD FAILED
VST: ... 02-018.dll

ARM (Raspberry Pi 2/3 etc) 32 bit
MicroMPX web based decoder: ... ETA902-017
MicroMPX web based encoder: ... ETA902-017
MicroMPX command line enc/dec: ... ETA902-017

ARM (Raspberry Pi 3 etc) 64 bit - The 64 bit version is 10% more efficient BUT it requires a 64 bit OS.
MicroMPX web based decoder: ... ETA902-017
MicroMPX web based encoder: ... ETA902-017
MicroMPX command line enc/dec: ... ETA902-017

  • Delossifier issue: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=25151&p=56911#p56911 Problem 1: Background isn't dark enough nearby, so no MP3 should be detected.

  • Delossifier issue: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=25151&p=56911#p56911 Problem 2: Huge area is reconstructed. We should have a maximum gap size. Detect more = turn OFF (safety failover) -> Added "Maximum gap size" slider, default is 30% (20% seems enough for even 96 kbit MP3's, above 35% I start hearing bad stuff in the test track from AllNight - default value is 30% to be on the safe side (not too much effect compared to before)).
  • Fixed potential crash after NAN
  • Fixed: More meters than I allocated memory for - fixed and extra assert added. Could cause GUI crashes
  • Add "(Not found)" to missing sound card in menu.
  • Add clear error message if sound card that doesn't exist in the system is selected.
  • MicroMPX command line: Exception logger was not initialized (command line version)
  • MicroMPX: Fixed 64 bit Pi build
  • Update presets Wes
  • Check Dutch Moose preset response to loud burst -> Done and improved
  • MicroMPX: %zu causes compiler warning in 64 bit build -> Was incorrectly changed from %llu, put %llu back. Only 2 locations. (016)
  • MicroMPX: c0000409 error on startup fixed (logging issue)
  • MicroMPX decoder: Redesigned and optimized time synchronization code
  • MicroMPX decoder: Could crash on close
  • MicroMPX encoder: Error when continuously changing IP address in GUI
  • Multiband clipper levels were affected by Band Mix
  • MicroMPX: Moved to more logical location in Stereo Tool menu
  • Check sound of Analog Pleasure Big FM in 7.84 vs 8.23 vs 8.40 vs 9.02. -> Reported that 7.84 sounds much better than 9.02, but 7.84 and 9.02 are virtually the same here..
  • MicroMPX sounded very bad in 64 bit Stereo Tool build - wrong compiler setting for 64 bit, fixed.
  • MicroMPX: Can't handle "Ignore high frequencies" values other than 19200.
  • MicroMPX: Stereo Tool built-in encoder does not get activated (and "Force generate composite doesn't work either) when the FM output is running in ASIO mode at 44/48 kHz. -> Changed, now the FM output will play silence and show an error message in this situation.
  • MicroMPX: Stereo Tool built-in encoder didn't output valid data for certain "Ignore high frequencies" settings. Limited the number of accepted frequencies to 19200 Hz and the normal maximum.
  • Check MB1 clip display -> Was indeed missing, fixed.
  • Update preset Dutch Moose
  • Add sweep tones (30-60000 and 10-80000 Hz)
  • Add MagicRDS hex number support
  • ClockShift redesign: Extremely heavy now.
  • c0000409 error Added logging
  • Added MicroMPX encoder to Stereo Tool!
  • Add ThimeoKoekError to Stereo Tool
  • uMPX decoder: Not stable with password protection, and asserts on bad data (should just print a warning)
  • uMPX: decoder: Check password activation on startup
  • uMPX decoder: License was saved in current directory, which fails in Program Files.
  • uMPX decoder: Ignore ticks for too late packets
  • Redesign ClockShift - seems better than before (needed to measure sound card sample rate offset - to keep MicroMPX decoder in sync)
  • Multiband 2 clipper default values were taken from earlier version and set to -infinity dB, leading to silence (BETA004).
  • GUI priority is too low now (BETA003/004) - removed lowering it for plugin version.
  • GUI: 4K weird flashing since last Windows update
  • RDS: Support for ODA. probably ok
  • RDS: Support for EON Partially working, need to add burst mode, linkage, freqs, turning on/off via command
  • RDS: EON: Support for multiple AF frequencies
  • MicroMPX crashes on closing -> Join thread was missing
  • uMPX: Add entering & applying hash
  • uMPX encoder: Add new settings to separate encoder
  • uMPX decoder: Add password + hash
  • SST build fails, incorrectly including something from MicroMPX somehow?
  • Made MB clipper completely separate from limiter, so you can now use both at the same time
  • Input level meter can flash black on Mac. Cause unknown, doesn't really reproduce in a clear way. -> Value was set to 0 after displaying and could be displayed again before a new value was set.
  • Output scope runs too slow in certain situations
  • Output scope can lag behind (GuntherM) -> Probably fixed by previous fix, waiting for feedback
  • Check uMPX disabled when FM disabled -> Yes, but GUI wasn't.
  • Mac VST plugin didn't work.
  • Add MB clipper to MB1 as well. Decide if limiter AND clipper needed simultaneously (probably not?)
  • Update build script - remainder - Woohoo, full build now takes 12 hours (was 30)
  • Add MB clippers
  • Lower GUI thread priority for plugin versions.
  • Make Windows event thread priority equal to GUI thread priority. (Affinity was already ok)
  • Set minimum size on VST version (1500x843)
  • Update build script for much faster build - partially done

  • MicroMPX: highs idea: Try AVG instead of SQRT -> No, bad idea. Takes longer to read maximum. And we want that to go faster, not slower.
  • Show warning when using MME with wrong sample rate
  • Several clippers initialize Clip2Ch, lot of wasted memory
  • MicroMPX: highs idea BUSY -> Find beta testers
  • Try I/Q Clipper mode BUSY, first part works, highs are coming out slightly too loud, due to LPF? Might be good enough...
  • Test preset that causes buffer to run empty - why? --> Settings issue, maybe add a popup for this situation (buffer is slowly filling up or running empty)...
  • Bug report: Linux version uses 100% CPU on one thread, even in bypass mode (must be sound card thread?) -> Not here. Not sure what's going on.....
  • Test 64 bit sound card exception handling in ProppFrexx - that wasn't the problem... apparently
  • RDS: EON: Support for other type of AF frequencies?
  • RDS: Support for AF method B
  • RDS: RT end at \n
  • Brian, NAB
  • MOBO
  • uMPX encoder/plugin: Sound card speed message
  • uMPX decoder: Add multicast subscribe
  • Add MagicRDS AF method B support

Author:  livewireaus [ Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Stereo Tool 9.00

Hm, that's a weird one. Apparently the contents of one packet arrived with a change, and then 2.4 seconds of data were gone. Which is very odd especially on the same pc - could something like a virus scanner have interfered maybe?
There is a virus scanner on the machine running in learning mode (Vipre AV) but I have most of the Intrusion Protection/network filtering off. I also had a second feed running to a remote PC on the same network segment and it did not show the error at all.
The packet speed is no problem - it's supposed to go negative after an issue until we have a reliable number again. Those speeds actually shouldn't be logged - but we were extensively testing those (they need to be accurate upto 6 digits), so we added the logging recently. We'll remove it before releasing this version.
No problem - saw the negative figures and wondered if it was recovery or trying to display some info about the event.
What do you mean by RX was fine? That seems to mean that nothing went wrong but you also said you didn't hear it? I *think* it played 2.4 seconds of silence. I'm just wondering what could have killed these packets on a loopback connection.

Just to make sure: If you say you used the local address of the machine, I assume you mean its actual address, not right? I think the packets still go through your actual network in that case. Is it on a cabled network or on Wifi?
RX was fine = I was in the room listening to the audio output and did not hear a gap in it that I heard or it drew my attention to. I only saw the event in the window some 10mins later. I am on a cabled network. Up until recently I was running this on the loopback interface. I recently (2-3 days ago) moved it to the network interface (to test) as well as add two more outputs on the same network segment. Both NICs set to Automatic.



Author:  pthompson3 [ Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Stereo Tool 9.00

GUI Exception... see attached.

gui crash 902B018.jpg
gui crash 902B018.jpg [ 217.24 KiB | Viewed 3452 times ]

Author:  hvz [ Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Stereo Tool 9.00

@Paul: What did you do when this happened? It's really really had to find the cause without any context.

Author:  hvz [ Wed Jul 25, 2018 11:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Stereo Tool 9.00

Aaand... we continue here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=25368&p=57052#p57052

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