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PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 9:41 pm 

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OK, dont know if its going to work as good on later releses, but hey lets try it :)

heres the tingi,
I hate to hear a gitar lower a voice or a bass intervine a hihat...
I'm analog, my ears are analoge and the boxes sitting in my livingroom are all analog...
I hate to hear clipped digital sound.
I hate to hear instruments or voices dissapere when instruments comes into the mix...
And finaly, I can make Stereotool sound like my analog systems :)

So, how to fix my hates:

This preset is a proof of consept, where I can (finaly) use Stereotool to make (almost) all sound good again.

There is a high leveling amount spread out between the different instances, theres not that high volume reduction in the total volume.

Oh, I forgot to say, DONT look at the settings, LISTEN to the sound;

Why should one thing do all the liftings :)

AGC takes some load. Some. Pure mono stuff might get passed to MB1.

If MB1 cant fix it, MB2 steps in. Smoothes everyting in total.

And at last, SB is like a pore mans loudness limiter.

Feed it from empty to flat out 0db input.

Take the old torture-file and throw it at the preset, you'll get a smooth sound back.

If anyone remember by old preset-shares, this is the masterpiece based on the old ideas, but this time AGC actually works and its at 4 bands :)

In my livingroom I do have a few Texar Prisms, Dominators and Optimods (8100A and XT2s)
Yes my livingroom, not my man cave.
I might be kinda special...I see that :)
But in this preset make, all my home stuff is turned off to make Steretool glimmer and sparkle by its own.

Why make the AGC do all the heavy lifting and sound bad, when you can spilt it around like in the analog world, make stuff work together and make it sound almost "un touched".

What i do miss is to make 80's snare drums sound like snaredrums and not like coffe-mugs smashing together (Foti knows what i'm taking about, he did it in the 80s).

But then again, most stuff is now fixed in Steretool, whats missing is not that big a problem no more :)

I've had my share of discussions with tech heads and "sound engineres", that can't hear where or when a compressor or limiter is active, and that is a problem.
What is scary is the tech-heads and tech bosses at radiostastions that say they cant hear the prosessors...damn, am I that special?

Congrats to Hans for once again giving us a big thingi for a low buck :)

Dont look at the settings, just listen to the output.

Stay healthy and stay safe,



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