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A YouTube channel is featuring music tracks made on the old home computer Commodore Amiga with the tracker software "ProTracker", remastered with SteroTool: ... 9fA/videos

The sound chip of that computer produces 4 sound channels (2 left, 2 right) at max 28Khz with 8 bit samples. The speciality of that sound chip: It can directly play samples, so it was very easy to create music on that computer by using samples and play them at a different speed with various effects applied to them. The ProTracker software used this and enabled many kids during the 90s to compose music with the Amiga computer without the need for expensive studio equipment. All you needed was an used Amiga 500, the free ProTracker software and some sample disks - and you were ready to go and make music. You didnt even need to know about music specifics - you could just use the Amiga keyboard to play the samples and find the right speed so you hit the notes right.

Basis is the "Maximizer - Remaster" setting, individually tweaked for each track, with added filters:
- Declipper (to fix clipped 8 bit samples)
- Dequantizer (to enhance the 8 bit samples)
- Natural Dynamic (to fix dynamics of low quality samples)
- Stereo-Image + ACR-Stereo (to change the clear 2-left-2-right channels into more conventional broad stereo and center the bass).



About the soundchip on Amiga:
About tracker music composer software:
About ProTracker:
Win32 port of ProTracker:
MOD file database:
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