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 Post subject: Pira32 Protocol support
PostPosted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:46 pm 
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Hi I know that I've asked that before but there is realy great program available called MagicRDS: ... r_software

which is a great control software for RDS Encoders

So I am asking if you could add support for Pira32 Protocol that the program uses:

Thanks for Anwsering and Best Regards

PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:46 pm 
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Old question.. but if anyone needs it, it works (at least partially, not all commands are supported, obviously MagicRDS was written to communicate with Pira's own RDS encoder and encoders differ in what features they support) in Stereo Tool 8.52 and newer. Here's how to setup MagicRDS:
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:44 am 
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Well finally I have found a day to get some 'smart' dynamic RDS happening with Stereo Tool, with thanks to the Pira Magic RDS application. Whilst no where near as smart of the full protocol implementation in Magic RDS, basic RadioText (RT) can be setup and sent.

My objective for RDS RT is to display the following;
- Song Playing
- Latest News snippet
- Current Temperature in numerous areas
- Any weather warnings

So let me explain further.

- Stereo Tool 855 beta008
- Magic RDS 3.7i

To provide dynamic and near real time short text to a RDS display.

Previously the playout system just network connected to Stereo Tool and output the song playing. In my case, using Station Play List Studio from TCP/ASCII connection to Stereo Tool. Just referred to as Studio herein.

- In Configuration, FM Transmitter, RDS, I set the defaults that I want. In my case, RDS PS text=station callsign, RDS RadioText=At Cool FM, we love to hear your feedback, RDS Music, etc.
- then in RDS UECP, Enable UECP, set Mode=ASCII, Port=4001. I also enable the error behaviour.
- Save your profile, All Settings.

- In Options/Now Playing, enabled Secondary Output.
- Set Max tracks to 1.
- Set Template = %t by %a
- Set Filename = D:\RDS\rds-text-to-air.txt (or anywhere else that Magic RDS can get to the file)

Start the program.
Network : First we deal with commns
In Options/Preferences,
- set the bi-directional off
- set Connection type to Ethernet
- enter the Host and Port number for your Stereo Tool instance. EG, Host= Port=4001.
- Close out of the window

Configure Program & Test Comms:
- In Program tab, in Identification, set your Default PS name, eg ABC FM (but for now make it different for testing)
- Now set your PI number. Check the Magic RDS manual for the correct settings (important for some radios..)
- In Program tab, in Program section, set the Program Type and M/S type.
- In Stereo Tool in RDS section, you should see it connected with a tick.
- Now in Magic RDS, click Test. You should see your Station Name come up in Stereo Tool.

Configure RSS streams:
- Click Tools, External Text Sources
- In RadioText1 tab, tick enabled External text and send on change.
- Now in the select text sources sub-windows, tick the first 5 boxes... their names will be blank for now.. dont worry.
- Now in Text Source tab, click on line 1. Now in the configuration window lower down, lets add the SPL Now Playing data
-- Name=SPL Now Playing
-- File/Class/URL=D:\RDS\rds-text-to-air.txt (or use Find File button)
-- Go to next after=12
-- Prefix=SONG: (there is a space after the colon)
-- Keep in cache=20
-- Expires after=-1
- IMPORTANT - now click the Update button...
- Now click Test button... You should get a popup from STUDIO via the RDS file.
SONG: Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden

- Still within External Text Sources
- Now in Text Source tab, click on line 2. Now in the configuration window lower down, lets add RSS ABC News
-- Now set the Process radio button=All Lines - all per session.
-- Name=RSS ABC News
-- File/Class/URL=
-- Go to next after=12
-- Prefix=NEWS: (there is a space after the colon)
-- Keep in cache=20
-- Expires after=-1
- IMPORTANT - now click the Update button...
- Now click Test button... You should get a popup from RSS feed .
NEWS: State funeral offered for Lady Flo Bjelke-Petersen

A few words of warning... Getting weather can be a real pain, as Magic RDS only reads the Title or Description. Most sites used both fields. I had to pull the html version and and the cut everthing before and after settings. You have to check the raw html to find the right area.

Now you can go on and configure more.

It is still very much a work in progress but I have provided my ini file in the zip, to help you get an idea... With Magic RDS closed, put ini file in "%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Magic RDS".

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