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PostPosted: Fri May 21, 2010 5:25 am 

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I have an EDMDesign Transmitter which I love. It's intended to be used without any FM processing on the source side (like preemphasis and 19 kHz tone). However, what I'd like to have is deeper bass, and a hot, compressed FM station sound for use on a monaural radio with a large speaker. The two kinds of radios used are the GE SuperRadio III with a huge midrange and tweeter, and the others are good quality shortwave desktop radios with 3.5" midrange speakers.

Does anyone have a preset that is suitable for this? I have found many presets that give me the hot FM sound and I like them, but only after turning off the FM features like preemphasis, but I feel I should probably also disable stereo functions as well, and I have this odd feeling that I'm either slaughtering the 19 kHz tone or maybe I'm even generating one on the PC that is superfluous since the FM transmitter is taking care of that, too.

Here is the transmitter. My particular model is the EDM-TX-10 model (the one with LED, not LCD) and it is just an awesome transmitter but I'd like to see what I can put through it for music without overmodulating/overloading it. It's mostly electronic dance music that's already fairly compressed with heavy bass and is very loud to begin with.

I look forward to hearing what you're using, too.

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Oh, and as odd as it sounds, the processing I fell in love with is the XM Satellite Radio Neural Audio processing that they put in place around 2007. They achieved a really full, rich, bassy sound in just 32 kbps AACplus SBR after about a year of hashy/shushy nastiness. I believe it is still in place but it can only be heard on an XM unit (not Sirius) when heard from the satellites on channels 80 and 81, not via Internet stream.

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I'll leave the presets part to others, but just a short remark about turning pre-emphasis off: If you do that, unless the transmitter contains some form of processing, you'll have to set the output level very low to transmit without creating too loud sounds.

Reason: In this case, the transmitter is performing pre-emphasis. Which greatly increases the level of highs, which in turn causes spikes in the total output level.

So, leave pre-emphasis on (but not pre-emphasize output!). This makes sure that Stereo Tool processes the audio based on pre-emphasis, but outputs a signal that is not pre-emphasized.

If this causes a too big drop in the high frequencies, try lowering the 'Loudness' slider a bit. That gives all the sounds (and the highs are very loud) more space.

If you want to listen in mono, turn Stereo Boost off, turn Stereo Image on, and set the 'phase' and 'width' sliders to 0 - this gives a mono sound that 'sounds like stereo' - sounds don't cancel out each other as they would normally do. The output is completely mono if you do this - if you want a bit of stereo to remain, only set the 'phase' slider lower, and keep 'width' where it is.

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