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PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 6:04 pm 

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ive been listning to the FM station 'ABC CLASSIC' for a very long time ( i realy like the sound quality. what audio brodcast processor is used for classical, especialy used in this station and, is there a preset that anyone made for stereotool to simulate the sound quality of this station?

i have recorded alot of audio from the station, but i will include 3, as they are also provided with the origanal file audio untouched. most of the included presets in S.T sound nothing like what i want and i have extreme difficulty in making a preset. ... sp=sharing

any help would be nice.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 4:59 pm 

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FM stations ALL use diffrent audio processors. some dont process the audio but only overshoot limit it. in the case of ABC CLASSIC, they are about loudness for classical material and clarity. im unsure of the processor they use. For stations that want to join the competioin on the best loudness and quality for classical, they often use OPTIMOD audio brodcast processors. i can also receive ABC CLASSIC were i live. ive been working in a preset that replicates the uniqueness of this station but always face huge chalenges. ive uploaded it to the forums some time ago but THANK YOU FOR PROVIDING ME RAW AND PROCESSED AUDIO'S!! that helped me big time to readjust the preset. now it sound WAY better than it has ever been. but, because i dont know what processors ABC uses, i have no idea on what is part of their audio chain. my preset is based on the OPTIMOD 5500. it dosent sound exactly like it because there are alot of features missing in stereotool to make it sound just like it. i compared ABC'S recording and my processed audio to find out if they match. ABC'S recordings sound very smooth but i dont know how to replicate it becuase of the extreme complications with making this preset, it took a year and a half to reach this stage. but still, it sounds close. if anyone knows how i can make my preset sound smoother, help me!

anyways, ill provide the preset and you can play arround with it. but make sure you keep the origanal file!, just incase you wreck the audio. ... sp=sharing

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