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PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 7:13 pm 

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Which version? (Winamp, VST, stand alone?)
In the VST Version. I already tried to delete the settings file in the user directory. but it don't change anything.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 9:15 pm 

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vst issue, no access to configuration.
Last working version was for me 7.85-052
I use stereotool in Wavelab 7.2.1

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:43 pm 
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I think that I've fixed the VST issue, building an update now.

I accidentally enabled the "MPX Analyzer" in the VST plugin, which requires a 2nd input channel, which doesn't exist in VST.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:44 pm 
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7.85 BETA056

Windows 32 bit:
Windows stand alone: ... 85-056.exe
Winamp DSP: ... 85-056.exe
Windows VST 32 bit: ... 85-056.dll

- Fixed broken VST plugin.

- MP3 Propaganda - Duel way too much highs generated on default settings! Try Normalizing trick (both for old and new reconstruction algorithm!)
- Delossifier: Added MP3 detection filter; turn it on to disable the Delossifier when it thinks that the input is not an MP3.
- Delossifier: Protection added to not add too much. The result sounds cleaner, but it might also be slightly less effective. In total I think it's better.

- Detection and reconstruction both fail in 60's song Lay Down! -> Better now, but: 1. Make sure that this doesn't reduce repair elsewhere (some other parts are better now too, so be careful with that!). Maybe only remove narrow 'gaps' in the xmul array. 2. Improve detection to make Lay Down sound good always. It's not even an MP3! Check not only close to border but also a bit higher - should be nearly perfect silence! Maybe also some slowness in starting to repair?
- Analyzer: Adjust input level for MPX measurements - doesn't respond to Input Gain.
- Analyzer: Also add tilt correction for Input 2 now?
- Analyzer: Make top area bigger in this view. Maybe even completely remove the bottom (and left?) part!
- Analyzer: If possible make a bigger window that shows 2 MPX signals! Just for NAB.
- Absolute Highs: CRASH!
- Absolute Highs: Something was wrong in 160 bands mode with band smoothing, fixed. Sound may be slightly different!!!
- Exciter: Auto-adjust HPF frequency to Delossifier detection? (Thalys)
- Absolute Highs: Add setting to control whether it responds to the Delossifier frequency
- Absolute Highs: Optimized performance
- Poland 5 second extra delay?? - Probably not ST
- Display RDS live info! (I have removed it, but that's bad) -> No, still visible in the RDS window. There's just no space left in the normal Processing window.
- Add Quadrature monitoring
- Fix RF display crash at 128 kHz sample rate
- Add MPX input support for analysis (Hidden at the bottom of the Configuration menu in Extreme Tweaker mode - I might move it elsewhere if it's useful)
- Resampler: Predict effect and compensate for that. Maybe look at RC (besides buffer filling) to see where we're going - would that be sufficient? Or can I do some other measurement? Draw some graphs on whiteboard tomorrow... (RC sounds like a very good idea). Hm, RC might not even be needed - adding current adjustment * buffer size might be sufficient!
- Use 1024 for old Synchronization? Yes, higher works less well, still don't really understand why (or actually, I don't understand why 1024 is still ok). Test if new behavior is also better for FM Sync. -> Yes!
- Added an even more conservative highs reconstruction mode for the Delossifier to avoid flutter effects.
- GUI: Simple mode clicking on bottom graphs takes to you Processing or Repair screen
- GUI: Added separate indicator for things that can be turned on/off (as opposed to switches which affect behavior).
- Added mode where for slowly rising the highs above the current level are not reconstructed. This reduces 'fluttering' highs (not sure how to describe those) that can otherwise be present if small bursts of audio above the current maximum frequency get reconstructed.
- MP3: See discussion with Near05 on the next page. Delossifier highs reconstruction if it's not a gap that needs to be filled sounds much less good than using Absolute Highs there. So stop regenerating top part! (At least add an option for it!)
- Add Polar stereo viewtopic.php?f=16&t=6233&p=33031#p33031 - Feedback so far is that it works fine, I'll just assume that it's ok until I hear otherwise.
- Simple mode: How to handle clicking on things at bottom?
- Delossifier: Add *very* conservative mode (minimum of rolling level and current level)
- Added several options to change how highs are reconstructed in the Delossifier: Not at all, or a bit after a frequency spike. Finally, there's an option to immediately jump up on a spike or go up more slowly, which might reduce distortion-like effects on sounds like piano's.
- Added option to NOT restore highest part of the spectrum.
- Simple mode: Natural Dynamics button too small?
- Add OIRT/Polar Stereo ("You probably don't want to use this") warning
- Fixed NAN message caused by Delossifier on startup.
- Fixed crash in 040 stand alone version
- Make Simple mode single overview screen?? - Waiting for feedback, is this usable?
- SPA remove monthly popup
- MP3/MPEG2 input: Added Delossifier Spectral Hole Filler!!! ... nervt.html
- Fixed crash in Dequantizer caused by the optimizations added in BETA038. So far, didn't see any other issues caused by those optimizations.
- Test "looper" optimization on Raspberry Pi 3 -> No effect
- Command line version doens't like long name (Antenne V. - see mail 2-3-2016 22:24) -> Was already fixed.
- Removed optimization that caused crashes
- Added other optimizations
- Voice protection in classic MB is broken. Check what changed. (Code should not have changed at all). - Hm, more has changed. Check in which version! -> Waiting for reply to question -> Compared again, and the distortion is caused by the singleband compressor that's used afterwards. Which does indeed get a slightly louder input because a (wrong!) filter has been fixed since that version.
- MB: Make Overview window for new Multiband! For main settings. Hide other windows when possible, and also make it for MB1
- Exciter: Improve start of filter (less steep!)
- Fix crash in BETA036.
- Bug in 034 should be fixed again.
- Exciter: Make it possible to choose where in the chain to run it
- Hide Stereo Tool name and THIMEO in help window in specific versions.
- VST plugin level should be ok again
- Did some optimizations for the Raspberry Pi version, not sure yet how much effect they will have (so far only build on Windows).
- Exciter: Make 2 kHz block size configurable, or automatic, or combination. Might work best if it's constant?? --> This should fix the too bright sounds in some cases without introducing distortion in other cases. I hope...
- Exciter: Optimize for LPF setting
- Plugin -> Output level doesn't work in VST version
- MB2: Make Overview window for new Multiband! For main settings.
- Woops, wrong flag set for Exciter, dynamic Squeak mode didn't work. It does now.
- "Input without processing" doesn't work in stand alone version.
- Exciter: Add Volume slider
- Exciter: Add DIFF mode
- Exciter: Try to improve tone behavior (should also reduce whole area around a spike I think - maybe configurable?)
- Add another AM test tone, sawtooth with cut off bottom
- Add 'Forcibly remove' to AM settings? Or is this a problem with the transmitter that the tester on Radioforum uses? -> Regardless, I've added it now.
- Fixed AM sawtooth test tone, adjusted level of other test tones when using AM.
- Fixed bug in HARD LIMIT introduced in BETA027 (caused crashes).
- Added slider to Exciter to choose between a more natural spectrum which however sounds more distorted, vs a very clean sound but with shrill tones in it. Will try to get rid of this slider and automatically choose the correct setting soon!
- Polar stereo: K filter added, but output is not strictly clipped anymore. Waiting for feedback.
- Add AM test tone: Sawtooth with pause at 0, asymmetrical. LPF needed?
- Fixed crackle at startup caused by Ignore high frequencies (even if it was disabled!)
- Loading old preset from before Analog mode was added apparently loads in Analog mode! -> Works now, just no idea why??
- Exciter: Crash should be fixed.
- Exciter: Sometimes you see darker bars in the spectrum, changing the overlap back and forth removes those, so somehow some levels aren't always calculated when a setting is changed.
- Fixed crash when closing
- Exciter: Moved to separate page, for now called Absolute Highs.
- Exciter: Added GUI element to show Absolute Highs effect.
- Exciter: Broken at latency 512
- GUI: Fixed hangups caused by tooltips.
- GUI: Remove dots in changed settings for some buttons on top of the screen.
- Exciter: Made frequency range configurable!!! (Old default numbers were 8000-9000 Hz)
- Blog post pre-processing, MP3 and declipping
- GUI: Added tooltips!
- Added exciter (rest of list removed)
- Added (not yet fully ok) Polar Stereo support for OIRT FM stations.
- Error (crash) on some systems should be solved
- Show something in settings that have been changed (for example a dot next to the name of the setting).
- Add license check function: extern "C" bool stereoTool_IsLicenseValid(gStereoTool* st_instance);
- Make scope skinnable
- Bug: i found one malfunction in the BS412 Section: If your switch off the FM Option and leave the BS412 Limiter in On-Position the Advanced Clipper only works in a reduced way: You can´t change the Clipper drive even if you pull the handle. The BS412 Limiter is greyed out instead so maybe someone doesn´t find the failure. If You switch the BS412 to off everything works fine again! Just a small detail, but maybe someone will have problems… -> I think I have fixed it (but there are a lot of different combinations of settings that can impact the result, I hope I haven't missed any). The next version shouldn't have this problem anymore, also, when BS412 is used I have now disabled the Advanced Clipper Drive slider.
I've been busy hiding a lot more deprecated features (if they are set to their default value). This should make the GUI a bit simpler. Stuff that's now hidden (still there and still functional if you really want to use it):
- "Bass AGC (Old)" panel
- "Classic Multiband Compressor" panel
- "Classic Singleband" panel
- "Pre-limiter" panel (in Advanced Clipper)
- "Leif's clipper efficiency modification" checkbox
- "Composite clipping Strictness (CPU)" checkbox
- Phase rotation: ""At start of processing" checkbox
- AGC "Compatibility & behavior" header
- All Singleband and Multiband "Compressor type" (Analog/Digital) pull-downs
- Multiband and Natural Dynamics "Compatibility mode (bad)" for Flat Frequency Response checkbox
- "Bass protection (Deprecated)" header in Advanced Clipper -> Bass
- "Highs gap protection: *" in Advanced Clipper -> Highs
- "Smooth slope" in Advanced Clipper -> Distortion
- "Upsampled highs clipping (useless)" in Advanced Clipper -> Distortion
- Stokkemask: "Force Stokkemask even if not using Composite Clipping (bad for audio)"
- BS412: ""De-basser non-ITU.1770 compatibility mode (bad)"

- Right clicking now restores default again, mid or double right clicking restores last loaded preset (or startup) value.
Bug: If you use FM and Normal output, with separately processed audio for streaming for Normal output, and for FM output enable pre-emphasis but *not* pre-emphasize output, then Normal output is not processed separately!
- What is the pink line in the BS412 display? Maybe remove it. -> Ah no, it's the adjustment of the compressor thresholds. Needs to be added to Help page.
- BS412 has VERY narrow jump on de-basser from 240 to 250 Hz. (Jump of multiple dB's). -> No, brown line jumps but actual output is smooth, so no problem.
- BS412 bass filter doesn't use ITU1770 as it should but some weird other shape that goes up to about 250 Hz.
- Need to support 2 default values and a RESET TO LAST LOADED VALUE reset option.
- Hide not selected deprecated stuff - partially working!
- Move Copyright stuff etc. also to command line version (maybe just copy it?)

- Input Gain issue (see 2 posts below BETA054)
- RJ45!!!!!!!!!! -> M.A
- uM: Filter and add vac1/2/3/... option!
- Add FM phase shift remover for high frequencies for Multipath
- Delossifier: Lay Down breaks Delossifier, sounds really bad with MP3 detection turned off! (And it's not MP3). More accurate detection (smooth rolloff??) still needed, to also not detect it when not using Detect MPEG mode! Does Alternative Method sound better now?? Also try without HACK.
- Analyzer: Add MPX modulation meter!
- Add Analyzer BYPASS mode (is that needed??) -> No, probably works already, but despite that, we can use a separate PC at the NAB for this.
- All L/R - L/R Quadrature mode, test with noise -> Doesn't work :(

7.85 but after NAB:
- Input Balance issue (see 2 posts below BETA054), cause known (reallocalte big buffer for waveform display, then buffer size doesn't match, and for some reason this causes a shift in time. However, calculated values appear to be correct. Check in more detail after NAB.)
- Add 9sg link - create extra Normal Output mode
- Normal Output: Don't output FM anymore!
- Absolute Highs: Optimize performance: Check log()
- Absolute Highs: Add auto-adjust HPF frequency
- Absolute Highs: Check how slowly the frequency should rise. Probably should only be available if Delossifier freq responds slowly?
- Add Stokkemask auto control (quickly move up, slowly move down)
- Check Dirty Voices bass IMD problem. Maybe also rename to Phat Bass?
- SPA "This sound is processed by"?
- Put in Ben Liebrand settings for vinyl cleanup? Asked question on vinyl forum.
- License check
- set Encryption : impossible to view or modify all the processing settings
- Preset Demo : an encrypted preset with an audio message and beeps when not registred (same as your plugins)
- Preset Licensing : encrypted preset without beeps unlocked by a license
- Exciter: Try to reduce pre-ringing (maybe by doubling overlap? Or measure on bigger block size, then go back to smaller?) Is this still a problem?

- Try adding phase delay compensation
- Also show tooltips for blocks of parameters.
- RDS encoder: Use Mathijs' method with interpolated 0's. Should give a nicer signal! Also I saw a weird jump bug in the raw (unfiltered) RDS output. Shouldn't matter (it gets filtered out) but still better to fix it.
- MB: Add voice volume protection, don't allow mid bands to drop below surrounding (to some extent), protectes voices and it might help to replicate the sound of certain other processors :)
- Continue with finding parameters to hide
- O skin

PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 10:07 pm 

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VST configuration issue solved.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2016 8:07 am 

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Hi! Input gain and Balance (in Configuration -> Sound cards -> Input -> Low input level correction) are completely ineffective since BETA785-054 in standalone version.

viewtopic.php?f=14&t=6087&start=310#p30034 <-This problem is still exists, but only on 4096 samples latency.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2016 3:27 pm 

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I really think you should keep the old single band as alternative. It is super easy to understand and handle: "Maximum Volume" to push the volume to the limit without clipping, "Compress/Limit" slider to push loudness further by adding compression without causing clipping. It took me 5 minutes to understand this and getting results I was happy with. I still havent figured out how to emulate the "Compress/Limit" slider with the new single band.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2016 3:58 pm 

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I went through the different versions of Stereotool and the most distortions seem to appear with 7.71. The 7.70 only has some minor additional "clicks" compared to the 7.03. It begins with 7.41.

7.03 and 7.40 are the same (my piano example WAV mixed with switched phase):

The first differences appear with 7.41:

This is the difference between 7.03 and the current beta:

PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 2:19 am 

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Hi, Hans.

PLEASE work up a price for the delossifier section, so I can license a version and try it on a real radio station. I can't do that as long as it beeps and tells people to go to the web site! :-)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 8:54 am 

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Hi, Hans.

PLEASE work up a price for the delossifier section, so I can license a version and try it on a real radio station. I can't do that as long as it beeps and tells people to go to the web site! :-)
Same here! I have a station running with a library full of MP3 (sic), that would be great to try it on live! :)

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