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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 10:41 pm 

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Hello Hans,

Problem with Stereotool VST with Adobe Audition 3 for every Beta release after .50. I am using the VST version, 32 bit. When I load the VST into Audition, the Thimeo menu for Stereotool disappears. I have Perfect Declipper (stand alone) installed as well, and Perfect Declipper is not affected. Stereotool works fine for versions up to .50, but maybe it's something in the logging process that causes Audition to not recognize the Beta update. Have you heard of this from anyone else? OS is Windows 7. Do you need more details?

Ted Alexander - Telos Alliance
Hi Ted!

What do you mean by the Thimeo menu? Do you mean that the whole thing isn't visible anymore under Effects -> VST? I have an older Audition version here and in that version, the last beta (059) runs fine - I haven't tried the in-between versions. There was a bug a few versions ago that caused VST reads to fail, so if that was the problem it should be fixed now.
Hi Hans,

Yes, it's the Effects->VST listing. In AA3, after .050, whenever I loaded it into Stereotool, and tried to run the 32 bit VST,
the "StereoTool" menu item in the Effects-> VST menu disappeared. The Thimeo "folder" disappeared and left the Perfect Declipper menu item standing alone. (I have the Perfect Declipper 32 bit VST stand alone installed). I did not try .058 since I suspected something in the NAN logging function didn't work right with AA3. I'll load .059 and let you know what results.
Apr 5, 2018.
Hi Hans. Beta version .059 works normally on Adobe Audition 3, VST 32 bit. I tried it on both a Windows 7 and a Windows 10 computer. I'll let you know if I discover any other problems. Thanks.

Ted Alexander - Telos Alliance

PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:14 am 

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I checked and I see absolutely no difference with AutoEQ results between beta 49 and beta 59.

Here I did ***only*** AutoEQ, with both "Legacy" and "Low CPU" UNCHECKED. Did 5 and 9 band in betas 49 and 59.

(The Histogram and some samples do seem slightly different, but the Normalized average spectrum is exactly the same.)

Here's one thing you might want to check... I find that when loading Stereo Tool for the first time, there are a bunch of settings entered by default. I usually reset these by selecting "Reset" -> "All Settings" -> "Factory Reset". This should update the .ini file.

But at some point in the beta cycle, even after you do this, when loading Stereo Tool VST into a DAW with no retained settings (i.e., it uses the .ini), it will ***look*** like it's loading at the reset state. But, it doesn't really, because when you turn certain settings on, there are different things enabled by default than there should be. If you AGAIN do "Reset" -> "All Settings" -> "Factory Reset", then the correct default settings load.

So for example (to replicate this behavior): Back up then delete .ini file (located in C:\Users\[USERID]\). Load Stereo Tool into your DAW (preferably one that does not retain settings, so don't use latest Audacity... use Wavosaur to check this). It will have a bunch of weird settings. Select "Reset" -> "All Settings" -> "Factory Reset". All settings reset. Go to "Configuration" and set "Operating Mode" to "Extreme Tweaker". Enter your License. Go to "Processing" -> "Auto EQ" -> "Enable Auto EQ". Notice the settings... notice "Legacy Mode" is ***not*** turned on.


Now, exit and restart Wavosaur. Load Stereo Tool again. It will look like everything is reset. Go to "Configuration" and set "Operating Mode" to "Extreme Tweaker". ***NOW***, turn on Auto EQ (i.e., without doing the "Factory Reset" first). Here is the result... notice "Legacy Mode" is ***TURNED ON*** !!


If you leave the "Operating Mode" on "Basic," YOU WILL NOT SEE THIS. Pretty sure this is a bug. :shock:

So, THIS may be why Auto EQ is sounding different to some people. :?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:57 am 

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Hi Hans:
Version ST: 8.55 Beta 059 (No Nan-Log) - Standalone
OS: Windows 10 x64
Error: I adjusted some parameters in ACR Stereo and the error appeared. After closing the error, it continued to function normally.
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Best regards from Chile.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:38 pm 
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Always the same song always the same configution always the same setup : foobar latest, ST latest beta and windows 10 updated upgraded. This is the printscreen I made, from top to bottom these used to be more or less all like the second and the last one during the song, lets say "zero". Before I went to check here I immediately heared the sound was changed which was confirmed to me by this printscreen I made.
Capture2.jpg [ 15.39 KiB | Viewed 866 times ]


Currently live processing ST 9.02 , testing upgrade to auto equalizer offline using slightly modified 3 FM settings Bojcha

PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 2:24 pm 
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Stereo Tool 9.00 BETA060


This version is basically identical to the previous 059 beta. I updated some presets and cleaned up some code, to be able to use this version at the NAB.

I've seen the NAN and sound change reports, but they will have to wait till after the NAB. Although I might run another build with NAN logging enabled!

Windows 32 bit:
Windows stand alone: ... 00-060.exe
Winamp DSP: ... 00-060.exe
VST: ... 00-060.dll

Windows 64 bit:
Windows stand alone: ... 00-060.exe FAILED
VST: ... 00-060.dll

- Pi MicroMPX builds (and 32 bit Jack build). MicroMPX: #include "pa_linux_alsa.h", #include "licenseclient.h" PROBABLY OK, testing.
- Add presets ST (Wes + SJP, Bojcha)
- Add presets SST (Wes + SJP, Bojcha)
- Fix skin SST - most important part done

- NAN logging disabled again
- SST and Pi builds working again
- NAN in equalizer fixed
- UECP: Support added for combined messages in 1 packet
- Hard Limit apparently sounds bad again & blinks in red :( Waiting for feedback
- 2 = signs in translation rules
- 056 crash on older CPU's/WinXP fixed
- Quality slider extended to 150% - WARNING, HUGE CPU LOAD - but useful for NAN testing
- NAN and other weird behavior in multi-thread mode: Found and fixed potential issues in Bass EQ, Bass In Your Face and Absolute Highs. Added a whole bunch of asserts that so far aren't complaining.
- Check equalizer NAN (does recover, so not a complete disaster - but it shouldn't happen). -> Extra logging added, waiting if it happens again.
- Add GUI gamma slider [THURSDAY]
- Fixed potential Bass EQ NAN error when switching between presets with multiple threads active
- Added extra NAN logging to equalizer because a NAN was reported that was caused there, but I have no idea why. So if it happens again, more info will be logged...
- Near05 VST crash -> Intel library could be called with a NULL pointer argument when initializing with Phase Delay enabled - hopefully that was it. Waiting for feedback
- Make Bass Boost output also show Basstardizer
- near05 VST crash -> Added try/catch
- Changed processing core (no effect should be noticeable at this point)
- Combine Basstardizer with Bass Boost
- Check \_/'s window size changes (sounds like the border size is subtracted or something like that)
- Remove small check boxes that were added for testing.
- Fixed bug that caused certain AGC settings to behave completey wrong (silence most of the time).
- Fine-tune Auto EQ behavior at the start of a song (might be ok now, but needs more testing)
- Fixed a possible GUI crash at certain specific window size in 4K mode
- Hard limit overshoots (red blinking)
- Is pre AGC affecting audio levels? (With BS412) -> Not specifically for BS412, but it slightly reduces the level even if set a lot higher. Probably needs some offset. -> No, just raise threshold.
- Add NAN recovery in Normal Limiter
- New skin
- Improved Auto EQ/Bass EQ max boost calculation
- Bass EQ first band might not go down fast enough
- Check scaling issue in non-4K mode
- Check Auto EQ behavior at the start of a song => Problem was caused by Abrupt Change Protection compensation that I added recently...
- NAN seen when switching to new compressor mode which also doesn't get recovered - silence afterwards. (Peak mode recovers it though). => Not seen since, must have been something in the earliest version of it.
- Auto EQ move where_i_am back to close to min/max settings to avoid insane response times without SJP
- 4K mode line spacing bigger for presets
- Make default window size bigger for 4K
- Fixed threading issue that was introduced in Sudden Jump Protection a few beta's ago.
- Minimum window size in 4K mode
- Added Basstardizer lowpass filter for output
- Make VST plugin error catching work again.
- Optimized new compressor modes, created separate code paths, put values in a lookup table. Performance vs. legacy mode: Auto EQ 5% faster, AGC same, Symmetric RMS vs RMS 7% faster (if not using Exponential Release, Spectal Balance Compensation etc), Symmetric Peak vs Peak 54% heavier (because it's now based on Symmetric RMS mode instead of Averaging mode, and all RMS modes are heavier than Averaging modes). Compared to BETA037 the performance is 13% better for the Symmetric modes.
- Fix Basstardizer crash
- Fix Basstardizer right window shape
- Fixed Digital Multiband 1 mode Flat frequency response bug introduced in 8.54.
- Fixed Symmetric Peak
- Fixed an issue in Symmetric Peak and Symmetric RMS mode with Feedback^2 enabled, for very fast attack times the Shape is higher now to avoid overreacting.
- Fixed Basstardizer: The threshold calculation was completely wrong, it worked fine on constant bass but not on dynamically changing bass.
- Basstardizer: Make Effect strength slider relative to Headroom (which turns into Harshness) - At higher Softness settings Lookahead now controls punch!
- Fixed DLL closing issue (in Audition and other programs; calling a DLL close from program close caused a hangup)
- Added mono bass fiter to reduce multipath
- Added extra protection mechanism to avoid insane release speeds. For MB, MB2, SB Compressor this can be switched on/off for testing - I will remove the checkboxes once tested.
- Relative release threshold was not calculated correctly for FB and FB^2 modes.
- Moved RECOVER_FROM_NAN outside of adjustChannel_internal_linear_attack_release_feedback_peak_peak_gate_limit to fix compiler crash.
- Bass mono fiter to reduce multipath Done, but parameter needs to be controllable separately.
- Added Symmetric Peak mode. Not at all tested yet!!
- Added Stop Threshold values for multiband compressors. They were already there for the singleband compressors, but not yet for multiband!
- Symmetric modes were visible for Digital compressor but not supported by Digital mode!
- Added "Relative release threshold" slider; removed Symmetry slider. For all dynamics processing things (so LLB, AGC, Auto EQ, compressors). Not 100% sure yet if this is a good idea for Auto EQ. See text below (*)
- Max release speed fixed
- Basstardizer: Fixed issue with difference between left and right
- Crash reported by near05 (fixed?)
- Improved external RDS insertion to allow for noisy RDS signals (some encoders (actually apparently from one specific brand) generate a pretty bad signal, which was rejected by Stereo Tool).
- Added sound card lowpass filter compensation to FM output sound card (so now beside tilt for bass there's also something for highs). NOT YET FINISHED, may cause weird behavior. It will work in many cases, but not in all. Does not work when "Ignore high frequencies" is used. Description will follow when finished.
- New compressor mode. Check all weird settings, optimize, new peak mode, remove faster attack/release, add setting for max release, fix max attack/release speed controls. Things to check: "Peak", "Peak mode", "Feedback", "Feedback^2", "Exponential release", "Max attack speed", "Max release speed". New mode is called Symmetric RMS, there's also a Symmetric Averaging but I will probably remove it because it's not useful. MORE INFO BELOW!
New Auto EQ and Bass EQ mode (not switchable in Bass EQ since that's new anyway). MORE INFO BELOW!
- RDS: Add timeout for TA
- Improved multipath protection
- Improved Stereo Image phase limiter
- Revisit new Hard Limit / Final Limiter with Matt & Wes - Settings removed Waiting for final feedback.
- MPEG detection is too insensitive now -> Probably fixed Waiting for feedback
- UECP UDP mode Waiting for feedback
- TA/TP via MagicRDS. Auto-enable TP if TA is used? (no)
- Added THIMEORT in ASCII RDS mode.
- Spectrum displays are broken in 4K mode
- Compressor/limiter on input before AGC to handle extreme sounds? / 2nd AGC with higher threshold for voice tracks Added, may need new mode. Waiting for feedback.
- Add auto save to Linux build Waiting for feedback
- VST delay appears to be wrong - Phase Delay and Threads
- VST version no 4K
- Backup input - fix overshoot display
- Backup input - check stereo
- Fix web server long URL issue Test release mode needed
- Scrolling through presets in 4K mode locks screen (crashes).
- Pilot-only output for 9 , works but needs to be sent back to O9SG
- Self test crashes
- Fix affinity for Linux and Mac - Mac doesn't support it.
- Edwin's bass effect - is that done now? (Maybe an extra HPF?) -> Not needed for now, based on preliminary tests...
- Put Bass EQ under license
- Do we need multiple Basstardizer bands? -> Doesn't seem like it. Not for now.
- Remove Hans mode from Bass EQ? -> Hid it (Extreme Tweaker mode, Matt mode is default, made it a pulldown instead of a boolean to clarify its behavior).
- Octaviafm extra logging? - Waiting. Once we know the cause I'll run a new build. But I'm not going to hold off releasing the current version, since 1. this issue doesn't have any side effects anymore and 2. it very likely isn't new. -> Nothing heard anymore
- Would multiple where_i_am start points improve attack? YES!!!! Think about how to implement it...
- Enabling low latency output caused crashes
- NAN recovery added to Basstardizer
- Top area of GUI made a bit higher, not all menu items fit before
- Bigger font and widgets on 4K screens
- Added Basstardizer
- Remove warnings that were shown for things that weren't even enabled.
- Fixed NAN in 8.54 in several versions in the clipper (reported by 1 person, appears to have been settings-related).
- Matt's bass effect Ready to get feedback, see "BASS EQ" before or between multibands! See note below.
- Fixed Mac multiband compressor gate error after NAN recovery.
- Add Breakaway Pipeline warning
- Add low input level warning
- Add too little AGC action warning
- Add too much noise gate warning
- Add too much BS412 action warning
- Added ASIO latency setting.
- Made streaming with libVLC easier, WARNING though, the audio quality is still the VLC streaming audio quality, there are better encoders out there. This only affects the stand alone versions.

- Presentatie NUG -> Op kleine pc zetten, checken dat PPT werkt

- Sound card high frequency correction: Make sure it always works.

- Quality > 100% extreme CPU warning and recovery
- Quality > 100% Bypass switching causes buffer filling to move
- Add "Top presets" per category
- Add AM presets
- Add new presets
- NAB stuff
- Cc
- Add display red colors for used but not-licensed stuff in License overview page.

- Kant
- Auto-setup lower latency settings and slow CPU threading.
- AGC better LKFS (Bojcha)
- Classical preset
- Test NanoPi
- Bojcha's basstardizer filter -> Steeper Output LPF seems to fix the problem -> He doesn't agree
- Check MB2 1% something (see FB chat about crackling sound, which was ok in 8.00). Test with Rhodes54 preset -> Ok. But Spideys Web (7.41 vs 8.54) is different, let's test that. -> No idea, postpone for next release. Comparing the code didn't help.
- MB2 band coupling bug: something is wrong, check better-fg-plus.sts -> Seems ok now. Weird.
- Make pilot generation smooth for external feeds for DARC etc.
- Select instance with command line option
- Basstardizer fadeout (Edwin)?
- AM streaming output
- Multi-instance version
- WatchCat: Use "Simple Clipper" for R128 normalization if there's no license for Advanced Clipper.
- WatchCat/Generic plugin: Respond to latency request with different number for step 1 and 2
- AF method B via UECP
- "Stereo Width" in Stereo Image is broken - it causes phase problems if you're using it to go to mono with silence on the other channel. This can be made smarter!
- True Bass puchier - filter out start
- 18 Hz trigger tone
- Declipper check L-R effects
- Reduce extreme stereo
- Raspberry Pi "gedeelde bibliotheek" melding.
- Check out Butt
- Add libVLC instability warning
- Loudness meter (also for streaming)
- Omnia.9 set Stereo signal. Probably fixed? Wait for answer.
- Omnia.9 test/fix logging
- Omnia.9 AutoPilot add flag for generating noise above pilot?
- WatchCat website
- Triple stuff
- Thumb up/down in GUI for presets

- SCA2 use as backup, feed to output without processing, bypassing normal chain. Use to have FM receiver as backup, and then just feed the full signal to the output.
- uMPX 24x2ch interface
- One bass page

- GUI: Hide disabled stuff, far less confusing / much cleaner interface.
- Talk to chip
- 2 jaar
- Fardau
- -24 dB side chain range?

1. This thing should not really be needed because there's already Auto EQ. However Matt Levin insisted that it's useful, especially now that they are playing very old Christmas music, so let's try it out!
2. There are 2 modes: Matt Mode (see checkbox) or Hans mode (unchecked). In Matt mode, the highest band is not adjusted but it is used to determine the levels. So in the last stage, the highest band is in bypass mode, but the other bands respond as if it's working as well. So the bass is adjusted compared to the full spectrum. In Hans mode, the highest band is ignored completely, so if you use 2 bass bands, they are adjusted to match each other, but not the rest of the audio.

New compressor mode info:
About 3 years ago I wanted to redesign the whole compressor based on how water pressure control systems work. The whole idea was to have a compressor that moves fast when it has to, but stands still when it can. And that it would behave 'naturally' - it's something that you could actually build with real components (if you treat water pressure as audio levels).

This appeared to work pretty well. If you play a dynamic track, the compressor acted fast, and if you play an already compressed track it does nearly nothing. This is great - because it doesn't add 'restlessness' to already compressed audio, which would lead to listener fatigue.

Short summary of the rest of this text: It never worked as I envisioned! (And I never even realized that). But now it does!!

Some people have complained about the attack sometimes working too fast - which was mainly noticeable in loud 'S' sounds. The fast attack with much slower release could cause a 'gap' in the audio after the S. But I figured that that was a more or less logical consequence of the the whole act-fast-when-you-have-to idea.

Now fast-forward a bit. Last year, 2 people (Wes Keene and Matt Levin) were working on a preset together with very high compressor ratios and they noticed that in one particular track, a vocal which was originally louder than the surrounding sound actually came out softer. Well, that's not good. It sounds really annoying and broken. After looking into it I found out that my design was actually not - as I had thought - controlling the level based on RMS levels, but based on average sample levels. In most cases that's closer to RMS than peak, but it's not perfect, and as it turned out, in some cases flat out wrong.

So, I added a new mode that actually controls things based on RMS levels. And - different than many traditional compressors - it would control based on RMS levels regardless of whether it's long time or short time levels that you're looking at. Typically, a compressor would use some window over which it calculates the RMS level, and then control the audio based on that. That works great for most content, but if you play a track that for example has a very loud kick every second or so, the RMS window won't help a bit and your long-term level will probably be too low.

So I created a new RMS mode, renamed the old one to Average mode, and thought I was done. But, the problem with loud "S" sounds has gotten way worse! And it was even worse than that: Release was slower than before. So to fix that, I added some "patches": "Big release speedup" and "Big attack slowdown".

This new mode doesn't need that anymore. It's completely symmetrical, and it's still RMS-based, both on short and long time intervals! It still moves slowly when it can and fast when it has to - but not insanely fast if the attack is really big. And release isn't very slow anymore.

Since attack and release speeds are now virtually identical for RMS and Average mode, and you probably prefer RMS levels over Average levels, the new "Symmetric Average" mode is basically useless. I've put it in for now for testing, but I'll remove it afterwards.

The AGC and Auto EQ were suffering from similar issues, and I've fixed those too. There you can just disable "Legacy mode" - if I'm not wrong, the new mode should be better for any purpose than the old one.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:44 pm 
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I get an exception in beta 060 when i load the new presets from Wes and Bojcha

Exception Beta 060.jpg
Exception Beta 060.jpg [ 27.34 KiB | Viewed 814 times ]
PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:48 pm 

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I get an exception in beta 060 when i load the new presets from Wes and Bojcha
I've got it here, too. Looks like the preset still loads, though.

EDIT: Oops, no it doesn't. No clipper loads. So it's nonstop distortion.

EDIT 2: Because I'm not sure the presets are loading correctly (I know at least the clipper isn't), I'll attach the original of Mousse here. That is a FULL preset, use proper technique when loading it. If the other variations are desired, I can provide them.

Mousse-0.13.sts [114.27 KiB]
Downloaded 62 times
PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:44 pm 
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Hi Wes, I have download your preset Mousse-0.13 And load it in ST and it works fine. I have tested with all options All (Audio)(Audio and FM) and All settings. I get no exception.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:46 pm 

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Hi Wes, I have download your preset Mousse-0.13 And load it in ST and it works fine. I have tested with all options All (Audio)(Audio and FM) and All settings. I get no exception.
If you load it yourself, you should be fine. The exception only seems to happen when it gets selected from the built-in list. So I provided it here, in case anyone wanted or needed it.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 7:59 pm 

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"I get an exception in beta 060 when i load the new presets from Wes and Bojcha."

Where are these new presets from Wes and and Bojcha?

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