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when it comes to FM transmittion, the most important thing to do is to ensure the FM carrier does not overmodulate as clipping distortion and interferance to other stations can occur. this is made MUCH worse with the use of preemphasis. preemphasis is implimented in the FM system to ensure the noise level is constant at all frequencys, as an FM system without pre-de-emphasis has higher noise power on high frequencys than lower frequencys.

my preset is designed to act as a single band transmitttion limiter, not as a audio loudness and spectral ballance processor. the audio chain of my preset starts out at multiband 1, acting as a high frequency limiter for preemphasis limiting, the single band compressor as a single band compressor/limiter and the final clipper.

ive made my preset to allow a maximum of around 13 or so DB of gain reduction. this ensures that low level audio is amplified and when the level gets higher, the compressor applies gain reduction, just to ensure a relatively constant audio level. because of its low gain reduction, pumping is not heard at all.

singleband fm limiter.sts [158.7 KiB]
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